Wings Bound- Chapter 5

The rest of the night passed quickly, with us playing video games, drawing, and staying up late to talk. We went to sleep long past midnight, and the next morning, I awoke just after 11. Somehow, at some point in the night, Kaylee had curled up next to me with her head resting on my wing like a pillow. I looked at her for a moment, smiling. She looked so cute like that~

Bella cleared her throat, startling my gaze away from Kaylee. I looked over at her. Apparently, she had awoken before me. She laughed softly so as not to wake Kaylee. “Well good morning, Hannah.”

I laughed, turning back to Kaylee and shaking her gently. “Kaylee, wake up.” I said softly. She groaned, but didn’t wake up. Sighing, I leaned close to her ear and said loudly “WAKE UP!”

“Gah!” Kaylee yelped, sitting up so quickly that I didn’t have time to move my head. Her forehead slammed in to mine, throwing me backwards a bit.

“Ow!” I said, though I laughed a bit. I held my forehead painfully, leaning against my bed.

“Ah! Hannah, are you okay?” Kaylee asked, rushing forward a little. I laughed and shook my head. “It’s fine, Kaylee, I’m good.”

“I’m so sorry, Hannah.” Kaylee said. “Should I get you some ice?”

“No, Kaylee I’m fine.” I assured her. Standing up, I tucked in my wings and stretched. My back popped a few times, and I let out a massive yawn.

“Well, my mom isn’t home right now, so what should we do?” I asked.

“What if you two try to fly?” Bella suggested. Kaylee and I turned to her.

“Hmm… Not a bad idea.” Kaylee said thoughtfully. “It’d be pretty cool.”

“Well then lets try it out!” I said, opening my door. I rushed out of my room, down the stairs, and out the back door. My backyard opened up before me and my friends. A peanut shaped pool sat in the center, with a fish pond on one side of the backyard and a playset with swings and a slide on the other. Right behind the pool was a fire pit and a circle of chairs. Along the side of the house sat a small hot tub and grill. The back had a trampolene, and the rest was full of open yard. Walking along the side of the pool, my friends and I approached the stretch of open yard beside the trampolene, me and Kaylee both spreading our wings slightly and giving them experimental flaps.

“Okay… I’ll go first.” I said cautiously. I walked right next to the trampolene, turning and facing away from it and spreading my wings. I angled them downwards slightly, flapping a few times as I began to run forward as fast as I could. Giving one hard flap, I began to lift up in to the air. I gave a happy whoop and flapped again, raising a little higher. I forced my legs to straighten out instead of hanging limply down, turning myself a little and rising higher. I flapped a few more times, finally flying high enough to clear the treeline around my fence.

“Kaylee! Get up here!” I yelled down. I angled my wings up, throwing them out for an air brake and flapping in place, effectively hovering above the trees. Kaylee waved up to me, repeating my actions and soon hovering next to me. She smiled over at me, glancing at my wings. “They’re green, now.” She pointed out.

Sure enough, my wings were a lush forest green. I thought for a moment. “Green must mean happy, I guess.” I said. I swooped back downwards, intending to land, when i realized something.

I didn’t know how to land.

Changing my angle, I quickly went towards the trampoline and stuck my feet forward, landing roughly on it and loosing my footing. I dropped to my knees, but quickly stood and moved out of the way as Kaylee landed beside me. We both lost our footing again and fell over, then sat up and laughed.

Bella came up to us excitedly. “Oh my gosh, that was amazing!” She smiled at us.

I looked to Kaylee and high fived her.

And as we got off the trampoline, I thought of all the amazing things I could do now that I could fly.

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