Because She’s My Baby…

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries


It all started on January 28 of this year. My friend and I had been to about 5 animal shelters. The sixth shelter was the one.

I walked in with a loss of the small hope I had, and when I looked through the silver bars, I found the one. I found the kitten I was going to take home.

Her milky grey coat caught my eye, and when she turned to me, I knew at that moment, she was the one. Her eyes like emeralds, as green as I have ever seen, tiny paws and a cute little tail.

She came up to the silver bars and sniffed my hand, and was very friendly.

I signed the papers with no problem. I handed over my card and spent the money on everything she needed.

Before I left the house, I told my dad I may or may not come home with a cat, he didn’t believe me. He just said “yeah, yeah Ashley, you aren’t getting a cat.”

Best believe when I got home with Gracie, he was upset with me. I told him.. I may or may not get home with a cat. He groaned and belly ached about Gracie, but then he met her and fell in love with her too. Sometimes he will come into my room just to see her, I think it’s funny but cute.

She was my kitten and now she means the world to me. My relationship with my cat, Gracie, is beyond everything to me. She sleeps on my side and doesn’t move until morning.

It’s so cute, because (I’m guessing) of the way she sees me do things, I sleep under the covers (like every other normal person) but so does she. She’ll come up next to my face and dig her way underneath the covers and snuggle up right next to me.

I think she thinks she is a dog, because whenever I throw a ball or something, she will retrieve it and bring it back to me and wait for me to throw it again. Does every cat do that or is it just Gracie?

Whenever I watch Netflix, she’s right there with me also watching Netflix.

Sometimes I catch myself talking to her when no one is around, I am not crazy. She’s my baby.

When I get home from school, she’s there waiting for me at the door. When I get home from work late at night, she’s there waiting for me. When I get home from being with friends, she’s there waiting for me.

On most days, I will even turn down a few friends on hanging out just to spend time with my girl. I think relaxing with my Gracie is a great day.. a spectacular day. I open the windows on nice days and just lay in bed with her with piano music in the background. It is so relaxing.

She’s my buddy.

I know some people say I will grow up to be a cat lady and have seven cats at once… okay, one: no way will I have seven cats at once. My max will be two cats. Two: Gracie is enough work for me (don’t get me wrong, I still love her to death) and I couldn’t handle seven cats. Three: do you know how bad my house would smell if I had seven cats? Four: do you know how much money on food and cat litter I would have to spend?

Gracie will always be my baby girl. Her title for me will never change. She’s my everything.

I can’t wait to come home to her and snuggle up and fall asleep with her. I can’t wait to get home and watch Netflix together. I can’t wait for a lot of things with her.

I have no regret spending the amount of money on her that I did. I have no regret of not picking any of the others cats I saw that day. I am happy I picked her and I am happy with how she is, she can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but she’s worth it to me, I will always protect her and love her.. because she’s my baby.

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