Chorus Singer: Sarah Bohannan

Staff Writer: Brooke Schoonmaker

 This month’s star is chorus singer Sarah Bohannan. She gives us the inside scoop on who or what gave her the idea to join the Woodstock High School chorus, and how her journey has been these past few months as well as if she thinks she has improved. She also tells us how the chorus teacher is, and if she enjoys his lessons and gives her good and helpful corrections.

She started thinking of doing chorus in ninth grade when she went to a chorus concert and found it interesting and fun to do. She also enjoyed singing a lot in her room so she decided to try it and she loved it! “All the people are supportive and fun to hang out with, they are great singers as well”. She says that besides her parents and siblings that the whole chorus team are all each other’s biggest supporters during concerts.

She does want to continue chorus throughout the rest of her high school years. “ I would love to be doing something I enjoy throughout high school with amazing people”. She enjoys the little things that will keep her busy besides school work. She wants to enjoy the time she has since she only has two more years.

Since she started this year, this is her first time having Mckendrick. She really enjoys his lessons and he is very helpful. He gives her corrections everyday to make her a better singer. He is definitely one of her favorite teachers because he pushes her to be the best singer she can be.

She does not know if she wants to continue chorus in college. If she has time she definitely wants to do it to keep her busy but her education comes first to her. She does want to keep practicing though whether it is just in her room or physically taking lessons once a week.

Sarah is a good friend of mine and is a very good singer. She is very hard working when it comes to getting better at singing as well. She listens to the teacher’s corrections and applies them all the time. She is a good role model for other singers in her class and people who want to join chorus as well. She is definitely a stellar chorus student.


Sarah singing in chorus class

picture credits: Staff Writer


All the things chorus is doing the rest of the year

Picture Credits: Staff Writer

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