King of the Diamond

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott
Nolan is the captain of Woodstock’s very own baseball team. He has started every game since his freshman year. He is the star center fielder and leadoff who seeks for success. His amazing talent and optimistic attitude brings the team greatness. We interviewed the “king of the diamond” for some more entail of his baseball career…

nolN .png

Nolan hitting a dinger. Photo creds: FieldLevel


Taylor: How long have you been playing baseball, or been involved in the sport?
Nolan: I have been playing ever since I can remember, even before I was old enough to play my mom says that I used to carry around a little baseball everywhere I went. I grew around the sport, always watching it with my dad on t.v., or collecting baseball cards. Baseball has always been my sport, always will be.
T: Being team captain of the Woodstock team, how are you leading them into the playoffs?
N: Honestly, the whole team has been putting so much extra work in, these playoffs mean so much to us. We’ve been doing a lot of tem bonding, as well as extra practice, we even all got hair cuts for team spirit. Being the team captain means a lot to me, it means that my peers look up to me as a positive figure, and go to me for help, especially the younger players.
Lexi: How far do you think Woodstock will go in the playoffs?
Nolan: I believe with all the hard work we have put in, that we can win it all. Our team has a connection that a lot of high school teams don’t get, most of our players are best friends, and have played together for years.
FullSizeRender-1 (1)

Nolan sliding into second base. Photo creds: Pat Tressler

L: We know that you are committed to Georgia Southern to play baseball, are you excited about starting somewhere new?
N: I have some mixed feelings about it, on one hand I can’t wait to be on that field, and on the other hand I’m scared to start someone new, because college baseball is a whole new environment and I’ll just have to adapt to it. But I’d say I am more excited than scared, I have met the players and we really get a long, it’ll be hard, but I think it’ll be a great season.  
We asked a couple seniors about what they think about Jackie…
Lexi: Do you look up to Nolan as a team captain?
Justin Bailey: Yes, Nolan is always in the cage, always on the field, always putting in work any chance he can. I do look up to him because, he always has a positive outlook on everything and he always keeps our spirits up. He is someone to look up to.

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