The Last Prom

Staff writer: McKenzie Keeton

As the school year ends the schedule for seniors is getting busier and busier. It’s very sad to think that this is the last prom that we will ever go to. That one special night,  in May, when girls in colorful gowns and boys in ill-fitting tuxedos pose awkwardly for photos that they will cherish  for the rest of their lives. The night when curfews are broken and limousines are taken for joyrides. The night when the punch bowl might contain more than just punch.

Of course, prom is way more important to girls than guys. But, still prom is important to everyone because for Woodstock it is the last big event with everyone before graduation.

It’s an event that we can all dance and talk and have fun at before we all leave for college and go our separate ways. “This years prom will be the one to remember and I hope I will never forget it” said Alex Hatcher.

The good thing is that not everyone has to have a boyfriend to have a date to prom. Now a days,  most people just go to prom with their friends because most of the time if you go with a boyfriend or girlfriend there will be some type of drama that night.

This year has been a struggle for the prom groups, because one most groups get a party bus and for some reason this year the bus companies have raised their prices about twenty dollars since last year, which is ridiculous.

Another problem is the amount of people in the prom groups. Example, in one group there is 36 people and in another there 12. One group needs less people and the other needs more. Also, it’s very hard for all these people in the prom groups to get along because not everyone likes each other. “I’m excited for prom, but not excited for all the drama that is going to happen, because there is already drama now” said Arin Brietbart.

All in all most seniors are excited for prom, but not for all the prices and drama that is going to go on.




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