The Most Stressful Part of the Year

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

The stress that high school students go through in their four years enrolled is often undermined or said it’s “just a bit of work”. In our years of youth , we spend all of our time reading a book and sitting behind a desk for seven hours, just to go home and work for two or more. As you reach the final grade of your high school career, the stress is supposedly downsized and senioridus spreads through the twelfth grade class… but one particular project for English class held back the resign year for the upcoming graduates, senior projects. These are worth so much of your grade for literature, it can fail you if you fail the final presentation. If you don’t get the required amount of credits needed to graduate, you are not able to walk down the isle with your classmates, so you can imagine the amount of time and effort students put into making everything spick and span for the judges.
A few weeks ago, the final product was due, which is a 8-10 minute presentation in front of parents from the community and respected teachers on a topic of their choice, obviously having been approved by their mentor, who they chose to help them through the process of it all. Many held tournaments or sports classes, and others built things, thought themselves a skill, or raised awareness for a cause.
As the long and stressful task came to a close, you would think the students would start relaxing, but on the contrary. “The end was by far the most nerve racking part of this whole thing.” Said Bre Roper, senior. Everyone scrambled to get everything perfect and up to status for senior boards, who decided their fate for graduation. The money they raise doing this project goes to a charity of their choice. Small parts of the project were due through out first and second semester to makes sure no one waited to long to finish this time consuming assignment. Although this helped in the long run, many students were annoyed about having to meet these deadlines. “This took up so much of my time, but without procrastination, this isn’t too stressful. Just make sure you give yourself enough time for all of these little assignments.” Said Andy Salame, a senior who focused on injuries in sports.
I wish good luck to all the upcoming seniors and hope them the best! Remember, staying on top of your work and assignments will keep the stress down. Although waiting until the last minute worked for some of the seniors, the stress will get to you!

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