Waning Wolverines

At long last, school is coming to an end for Woodstock’s seniors. It truly is deeply emotional in my opinion, after over a decade of schooling and growing up with the same people we will be spread out and separated, I do think social media will keep us all connected to a certain degree or at least just the people we want around.

Having gone to Woodstock my whole life has allowed to me make some absolutely wonderful memories, from being told about a pool on the roof to the parting of the Red Sea against Etowah it is safe to say that Woodstock’s class of 2017 has definitely done something special. Memories are best when you make them with your friends and that’s exactly what the entirety of this senior class kind of feels like.

red sea

The marvelous misadventures Woodstock’s class of 2017 didn’t begin in high school; nobody should ever forget the battles fought in Woodstock Middle School’s gym, namely the electrifying intensity of the dodge ball days, those which yours truly was a champion of. I know I will certainly never forget some of Coach Young’s locker room speeches, how could I? After all I was always made to do push-ups due to my less than admirable grades. It was very caring for Coach to express interest in us past athletics, back then it felt punishing and menial but looking back on it he deserves gratitude for that extracurricular interest. Although some of his speeches seemed humorous and outlandish I know that as a more mature person his words would impact me further.


All in all, I for one am very emotional about having to leave behind the school I love but I will always be thankful for the memories and friendships made along the way.

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