What Our Woodstock High School Students are Doing Over the Summer

Section Writer: Hannah Suh

    Summer is in less than a month, right after final exams, end of course tests, and many projects. For some, it seems like summer is coming so fast, but for others it feels like it is never going to come. For most people, their weeks are packed with school, studying, and other after school activities. What will happen to their schedule once summer comes and the school year comes to an end?

Many people around Woodstock High School are going on vacation or just hanging out with friends over the summer. On the other hand, many are going to start their summer jobs! There are many people who already have jobs, but most are just now starting since the school year has ended and they now have an abundance of free time.

So what are the many jobs that are being taken on by our Woodstock High School students? Many of the students have taken an interest in life guarding, while some have stuck to just babysitting. There are also a large amount of students that are going to start working at grocery stores or restaurants. I myself have started to work at the restaurant, Volcano, while some other students are working at great places like Little Caesars and Chick-Fil-A.

Even though there are many students who are starting to work, some are struggling with getting approval from parents. Parents might argue that their children are too young or not mature enough yet, while others also argue about how the transportation to work is the problem. A freshman, Logan Haines, stated how, “Although there are ways to convince your parents to allow you to get a job, in the end, it is their decision. They just want what is best for us, even if that means keeping us from working to giving us extra time to finish summer work.”

While many students are getting jobs, others are doing sports with summer programs. I know of one program, Hotlanta, which is for girls lacrosse and offers girls to be able to practice and play in games with the help of very talented coaches. There is also conditioning starting for cross country, lacrosse, and many other sports. A freshman, Hannah Keel, said, “Good luck to all of those out there who are daring enough to play in Georgia’s summer weather!”

These two upcoming months of summer will allow kids to take a break from their busy schedules of studying and doing homework. The possible activities for students to decide to do over the summer are endless, whether it’s staying home to binge watch a new series, going to Europe on a trip, playing a sport with a summer program, or starting a job scooping ice cream at Bruster’s. In the end, the only thing that matters is that everyone gets time to relax from the everyday struggle of school.

image1 (1)

Help Wanted Poster

Photo Courtesy of: Ella Elbeck


Hotlanta Lacrosse Program

Photo Courtesy of: Hannah Suh

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