A Tragedy at Cleveland

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

Recent events that unfolded in the county of Cleveland have left many families across the nation terrified.  For those who don’t know what occurred on the 16th of April, Steve Stephens, a 37-year-old black man, shot and killed an elderly man the age of 74 named Robert Goodwin. In addition to this homicide, Stephens had recorded the incident live on Facebook while repeatedly blaming this explosion of temper on the breakup of him and his now ex-girlfriend. A Woodstock High School Senior, who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “makes you wonder who will just snap nowadays?”


(Photo of Downtown Cleveland) (Photo from Creative commons)

The shocking last moments of Godwin were recorded live from Stephens’s phone and were sent live straight to Facebook for family and friends of Stephens to witness. This led to the local, and eventually state level, authorities engaging in a pursuit in an effort to incarcerate Stephens to prevent any further damage. Accordingly, the investigators in the case searched dozens of locations while looking for Stephens to no avail.

After a short while, Stephens stopped at a McDonalds on buffalo road in an attempt to order some food. Furthermore, after ordering some chicken nuggets, the McDonalds reportedly attempted to stall him by making him wait on his fries, while they called the police. Allegedly, after a brief waiting period Stephens took the chicken nuggets and left, but only to later engage in an elaborate chase with police that would lead to him taking his own life with the gun he used on Goodwin. An anonymous senior at Woodstock High School said, “It’s a shame it had to end like this”


(Photo of mock police car chase) (Photo from creative commons)

Afterword, both the families of Goodwin and Stephens expressed grief and anger towards Stephens’s actions with both families reaching out to the community for assistance in setting up an event in the remembrance of Goodwin. In addition, the story of Goodwin spread all across the internet with several major news headlines picking up the story, CNN, for example, was one of the major contributors of the awareness of the public this story received.

Overall, there is one message that was conveyed and that is to love one another. whenever it’s simply holding the door open or even donating money to local charities, it all helps to improve the life of others and hopefully reduce the amount of violence we see today.

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