My Last Journalism Article

Staff Writer: Ashley Humphries


My name is Ashley Humphries. I am a Woodstock High School senior and have attended this school for all four years.

My future plans are to go to Kennesaw State University and major in nursing. I am very excited to be attending Kennesaw State. I look forward to becoming stressed out and wanting to rip my hair out in college from all the studying and tests, but of course, in the end it will all be worth it.

My favorite memory at WHS would most likely be Prom of 2017. Although it has not happened yet, I believe it will be my favorite memory. If I have to choose one that has already happened, it would be the big football games I went to: Etowah, Cherokee and Sequoyah.

I loved the games because of my friends, they made it fun and also the crowd’s energy made it even better, if I’m being honest.

My favorite journalism memory is defiantly just hanging out with Coach Wallace and just having random things to talk about and sometimes he even helps me with homework (or does it.)

Shoutout to Coach Wallace!

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