Goodbye Woodstock

Armando Alvarez (For the last time.)

Woodstock has been a huge influence on me and I know I will carry it with me my whole life. I would not change the people I met and the memories I made for the world. I can honestly say only positive things have come from my time here. The people here and even the area are perfect in my eyes. Nothing will ever be able to even come close to the good times provided by Woodstock. I am not just referring to Woodstock High School although the fun was intensified by getting older but things even during the Woodstock Middle School era were almost electric.

red sea

The Red Sea


I will forever be thankful by how accepting and close everyone is, in my experience, the class of 2017 has done something truly special at Woodstock by constantly including everyone at everything.

In all honesty, I am not sure how college can top some of the things we have managed to do as a whole class at Woodstock. I believe some of my intense attachment comes from having done a sport for the school and how devoted I was to it.

It is getting harder and harder to accept that I am leaving Woodstock forever, everything was so easy here and things will only ever get progressively more tedious and monotonous. This is not easy, it is bittersweet truly.

I love Woodstock.


Always be a Wolverine.

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