Reasons the Wizards will win the series


Credit: Creative Commons

The Wizards and the Celtics series has everything you want in a playoff series. This includes two teams that hate each other and the undeniable drama. This has led to a decisive game 7. The Celtics are understandably favored since the home team has won every game this series and the Wizards generally aren’t a good road team since they are only 1-5 on the road in the entire playoffs. However, despite all that I will be discussing the 3 reasons the Wizards will defy all that adversity and steal game 7

  1. They have the Momentum. Game 6 victory not only kept Washington’s season alive, but it also gave them the confidence and momentum heading into game 7. Coming into game 6, Wall and Beal were struggling especially Beal. However they combined for 39 points capped off with a John Wall dagger. The fact that Beal, Morris, and Wall were the only ones that scored in the second half and still won should scare the Celtics. This victory most likely will cause Washington to be extremely confident heading into game 7. This also results in the Celtics losing momentum and putting the pressure on them to win game 7 since they are the higher seed and at home.

Credit: Creative commons

  1. They have the best player in the series. Don’t get lost In Isiah Thomas’s 4th quarter heroics. John wall is still the best player in this series. In fact WHS sophmore Hunter Leonard even went as far as to state ” With John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Wizards even have a chance to beat the Cavs next series.” His combination of size and explosiveness is downright special. Despite bad shooting from the field, he is still averaging 26 points per game while dishing out nearly 11 assists per game in this series. The Wizards are a bad team away from Verizon center, however when you have the best player in the series, you have a chance to win anywhere
  2. They are the more talented team. Despite how close this series looks, it really isn’t. Their road struggles and defense are concerning to some as WHS Sophomore Bailey Rende stated ” The fact that they give up over 120 points per game in Boston and are only 1-5 on the road in the playoffs does concern me.” The Wizards are clearly the more talented team since they have had a double digit lead in every game this series except for the game 5. The Wizards, if they didn’t lose game 2, this series would over.  The Celtics are better coached and have more depth. However, in terms of talent, the wizards are better at every position except for center. Talent doesn’t always make you the better team, however in a game 7 having the talent advantage gives you a slight edge.
  3. They have shown the ability to neutralize Isiah Thomas. Despite Thomas having a great series, the Wizards have shown the ability to neutralize Thomas. This will be crucial in game 7 since Thomas is everything to the Celtic offense, however, he is also a liability to the Celtics defense. The wizards have exploited this since Beal has been able to post up and score comfortably on Thomas as well as Wall. As a result, if the Wizards are able to neutralize Thomas on both ends, they will win this game.



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