Senior: Ashlyn Richardson

Senior Editor: Ashlyn Richardson


Me at senior prom

Hi, I’m Ashlyn Richardson, and I have been The Wolverine Times’ senior editor and notorious backbone of the editorial column this year. As a part of the newspaper staff, I’ve learned many valuable lessons and gained grand perspective on all the many ways my fellow staff members have taken the opportunity to express themselves through our newspaper. I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve had the chance to be part of Coach Wallace’s newspaper staff because each day, I know third period is going to be full of laughs, interesting conversations, and new surprises. I will never be able to find another class that makes me laugh as much as they do!

Even my fondest high school memory, when Woodstock beat Etowah in football, was commemorated with a sarcastic comment from Coach Wallace. I walked in the next Monday after the game and he said, “Wow, I’m surprised you’re here. I didn’t think you’d recover from how hard you were cheering on Friday!” As I continue my education at the University of Georgia in the fall, I’ll always make sure to hold a special place in my heart for the memories I’ve made in the fifty minutes I spent with my journalism kids each day. I can’t imagine how much I’ll miss Coach Wallace and all my kids that I’ve watched grow as writers this year.


Me with a Mr. Smith fathead at the Woodstock-Etowah game!

I’m filled with joy, nervousness, and sadness knowing that I’ll be trading in my cardinal, blue, and white for black and red, but I know the future has things in store for me I never would have thought to be possible.  I get butterflies every time I think about it! Senior year was over almost as soon as it began, and I am eternally grateful that I got to spend it as the senior editor of our school’s paper, even though nobody knows about it!

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