Senior…Makayla Powell

Staff Writer Makayla Powell

My name is Makayla Powell and I am graduating senior this year! I include that I’m graduating simply because it’s a miracle and should be known to everyone that persevered through senior year and did not drop out. I have been on the Varsity swim team all four years with the amazing J.T. Gillin as our coach and was captain along some of my best friends this year.

 I plan on attending University of Georgia in the fall and majoring in World Language Education and minoring in Linguistics, which might be hard because I do not even speak English half of the time. I’m not even fluent in a different language, words are just hard sometimes.

My favorite memory of high school was probably beating the Etowah swim team at the County Swim Meet my junior year and being able to rub it in all of my Etowah friends’ faces. That was a surreal moment for us as they announced who got second place and we realized that Woodstock had gotten first place overall and we all started screaming and jumping and watching the disappointment fall over the Etowah kid’s faces.

My favorite memory of journalism when Armando Alvarez was joking about wanting to get a grill for his mouth and me, only half listening, responded that  my dad had just gotten a grill for his birthday. From there it became a running meme in the class and holds a sticky note on Coach Wallace’s Wall of Shame. This is probably only funny to people who were there but I’m a senior so I don’t actually care anymore.


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