Senior: Taylor Elliott

My name is Taylor Elliott, I am a senior at Woodstock High School. In my free time, I usually watch whatever current Netflix show I am on, or I love to go shopping. I love hanging out with my friends, even if it is just watching movies on a Saturday night. I will be continuing my education at Kennesaw State University in the fall, and I will be majoring in Biology. I have so any great memories from Woodstock, but my favorites are probably at lunch, or at the Friday night football games. There was never a dull moment in either of those. My favorite article was probably my first one. Lexi and I always did “Senior of the Month,” and for our first one we did one of the star football players. It was just so interesting seeing another side to that jock that everyone knew. These articles were always really fun because, we have gotten to meet and get to know so many new people. My favorite memory of Journalism class was getting to chat with all the new friends I made in this class, not to mention Armando always kept it interesting.

senior picc

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