Student Profile

Courtesy of Staff Writer: Lola Canales

All throughout Woodstock High there are students doing amazing things, whether it’s in or outside of school. Some are recognized and others aren’t so lucky to have a spotlight shined on the things they’re putting so much hard work, time, and effort into.  In this article I’m here to shine the light on one particular senior, Gillian Woodburn.

Gillian Woodburn isn’t an active member of the Woodstock High STEM club, but she is still in the field on engineering. The STEM club stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Her teacher Mrs. Zans only speaks high praise for her, “She’s a lovely hard working student,  one of my best I believe.” Mrs. Zans wasn’t the only one who admired Jillian, her classmates also had a few choice words about her.


Gillian has been in the engineering pathway for three years at Woodstock High. Gillian automatically qualifies for all competitions through the TSA, the Technology Student Association. Gillian and her partner Jack Bottle, were some of the first to qualify and join in the new competition. Gillian and Jack made it to the competition by qualifying 5th in  the state, their project was called CIM, or Computer Integrated Manufacturing.


Enrollment for TSA sign.

The whole project was to create, “a promotional TSA project” that could be sold or given to guest speakers at conferences. The project had to have at least one 3D printed piece in or on it, and it also have to have a “subtractive piece” which would be a laser or mulled piece. Which equals at least four, but no more than 6 pieces to the project. This whole ordeal could not cost more than 5 dollars total! Gillian says the project was really, “open to interpretation as to what we could make.” Gillian and Jack settled on a TSA themed desk organizer, which they are refining and changing parts to in order to take to nationals.

Gillian says she does plan to continue down the path of engineering later in life, she’s currently majoring in mechanical engineering with a specialization in alternative and clean energy. One day, she hopes to work for NASA or at least somewhere in the space industry. She will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in Daytona beach, Florida in the fall.

Gillian says she was pleasantly surprised, but also extremely shocked that their project made it to being finalists, or even 5th in the state. She added that she’s also very excited to be going back to nationals because she went last year as a fill in. Although they didn’t originally get into the top 3, their chapter advisor, talked to the state TSA advisor and got them approved to compete.


Students Competing in Nationals.

Gillian says the overall experience is very stressful, since they’re completely overhauling their project. At the end of the day she says the entire journey is still so fun and she’s loving trying new things before they go to Orlando in June for nationals.

Gillian Woodburn and her partner, Jack Bottle are two seniors at Woodstock High that deserve to have their hard work acknowledged and light shined directly onto everything they’re doing one last time before they graduate. We wish them the best of luck at nationals!

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