Are AP exams worth it?

Section Editor: Daniela Salame

The end of the school year has finally come, and all year I looked forward to not doing anything in class, watching movies, food days, and having social hour with my classmates. While that is l still mostly true, the students who have AP exams have to stress for a little longer, but have to work twice as hard. These end of course tests are optional, but very recommended by all teachers and administrators. The state given test is a very serious exam that should be tAken seriously by all the participants. Besides the fact that it costs 90 dollars and that money should just be thrown down the drain by not studying, if you score well on it, graded from a 1-5, it could count towards your collage credits. Most colleges take the score of 3, but other schools who’s academic bar is set higher take only 4, and sometimes only a 5.
The AP exams are meant to challenge the students but some feel like they are past challenging, and have gone over into the overbearing category. “I am taking one this year because I heard it was one of the easiest ones, but I wouldn’t take it again. It causes so much unnecessary stress over something that only maybe will give me credit.” Maleiea Miller, sophomore inputs when asked if taking the test is worth it. Many who I interviewed had the same point of view. Charles Snyder, on the other hand, explains the following. “Of course I’m taking these exams. They’re for college credit and they’re not a grade.”
“I want to take these exams because I feel like I’ll do well” says impressive Breana Roper, but most students don’t feel this way. When I asked the student what drove them to take the test, most answers sounded much like Chloe Hoods, “my dad made me.” The test, in all its glory, just didn’t sound appealing, besides the fact that most teachers exempt the final for those who partook in taking it, and after you take the test, you can go home for the remaining class periods without getting scolded… poor afternoon testers.
From both point of views, the AP exam doesn’t seem like a walk in the park. Over all, if you’re looking for a final ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ for next years testing, I would highly recommend you do. In the end, taking one of these tests is far less expensive than an actual college course for an entire semester. Who knows, you might do amazing, like I believe everyone can.

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