Are You a Big Baller?


Staff Writer: Shane Zachos

If you are familiar with college basketball or the upcoming draft chances are that you have heard about the great athlete Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is a great prospect and he for sure will be a top 5 pick in the NBA draft. However some people believe his father, Lavar Ball, could possibly ruin it for his kid. He has said many questionable things when on the well-known ESPN show First Take where he stated “Lonzo will have that same impact Magic had on the Lakers”. This quote shows that he has much, maybe too much, confidence in his boy. It is unheard of to compare someone that played one year in college to one of the greatest all time. This just comes to show how much talent Lavar thinks his son has. Mr. Ball is investing a lot in his boys accomplishments and even is investing in their own brand (B.B.B.) The three B’s stand for “Big Baller Brand” and also symbolizes the three sons that are very talented in the game of basketball. BBB has been selling many T-Shirts, hoodies, and hats but now the brand has its first shoe of its era…the ZO2. These shoes are only selling for around $500. Just to show how this price is a lot, you could buy three pairs of LeBron James signature shoe and the price would still not match the ZO2. Many people think this is the worst investment buyers could but of course Lavar Ball has something to say about that. He has said that “if you can’t afford the shoes you are not a big baller” Even though it may sound like a crazy price range for a pair of shoes many people think what Lavar is doing could change the game. It is very possible for this to happen for example look at the Yeezy Boost. These shoes are above the normal price range for shoes but however if these shoes weren’t Kanye West’s they would not be making as much as profit as they are now. So in this case many believe that if Lonzo is as any good as his father says he will be in the league don’t be surprised if you see many ball players copping the BBB. Lavar has even gone as far as getting into a semi criticism battle with a Nike executive. When the Nike executive told Bleacher Report that Lavar is the worst thing to happen to basketball in 100 years. This remark possibly could be seen as an exaggeration but Lavar came right back with his own words on twitter and instagram. He said that this quote shows exactly how Nike sees athletes and their families. This of course led to all other big brands of  basketball shoes saying they will never sign a Ball brother but of course they don’t care simply because they are trying to grow their own brand themselves.

lonzo-ball-zo2-big-baller-brand-signature-shoe-12 A photo of the $500 ZO2. Photo Courtesy:  

No matter what you think about the big baller brand/Lavar Ball it’s very easy to see that he has got what he wanted which is attention. Now this could also turn into one of the biggest jokes in NBA history if Lonzo does not live up to what his father’s expectations. Not to mention that he has two other boys, one of which is not even a Junior in high school, to come up and the sports world can’t wait to see what Lavar has in store for these two. Only the future can tell how this all ends for Lavar and his boys.

LaVar-Ball_Family_Lonzo-LiAngelo-LaMelo_SLAM-Magazine-TH-752x440 Lavar with all his sons representing their big baller brand. Photo Courtesy: 

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