France to Remain Our Ally?

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams

In the recent presidential election for France, some interesting events have unfolded. One major event, the election of Emmanuel Macron, who is the current president of France, has provoked public outcry amongst the United States’ Republican Party.LEWEB 2014 - CONFERENCE - LEWEB TRENDS - IN CONVERSATION WITH EMMANUEL MACRON (FRENCH MINISTER FOR ECONOMY INDUSTRY AND DIGITAL AFFAIRS) - PULLMAN STAGE


(Picture of France’s president.) (Photo from creative commons.)

The main reason for this being that Macron is a firm believer in social liberalism, which is a political ideology that believes individual liberty requires a level of social justice.

In addition, Macron’s “Big Tent” ideology was mostly seen as pocket scraping for votes as seen within the republican community. A freshman at Woodstock High school stated, “Aren’t those communists?”

Furthermore, this has led to many questioning the many social policies that state that they should allow immigrants for protection from their homeland. In theory, this sounds like a great idea, but, in practice, this was found to be a complete failure. From on-going and almost never ending terror attacks from Islam, France is being overrun by radicals and other hateful groups that seek to turn France into a warring nation. A senior, who wishes to remain anonymous, at Woodstock stated, “I hope France will stay our ally, they helped us in the past.”29904466821_75e14b8371_b

(Photo of Frances president) (photo from creative commons)

Furthermore, France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has failed to act on the massive spree of Islamic terrorism that has spread throughout France from the surrounding countries, with one of them being Italy.

Relating back in history, Italy sided with Germany under the command of Adolf Hitler. This is the same man who killed over three million Jews in the holocaust. And Italy, while knowing this, sided with this man in an attempt at global domination. With this information in mind, can we trust Italian immigrants with common sense to uphold France’s laws? Based on recent events, the answer is no.

Overall, France’s future depends on the events that will unfold between France and its neighboring countries. Meaning that if they decide to regulate immigration it may result in a better country for both tourists and France’s citizens.

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