Good Music Is Dying and Our Generation Is The Cause

Staff writer: Lani Yun


“Bill Withers”, “The Animals”, “The Doors”, “Van Halen”, all names you probably have never heard before. Blues, classic rock, soul music, all genres that you probably do not listen to or plug your ears at when your parents play their music. But what do all these names have in common? They’re all great bands/artists who touched the lives of millions and still do, they’re musicians who went down in history as legends, who wrote music that would never die. And yet, it’s dying, because no one our age wants to listen to anything that doesn’t play on the radio.


A photo of “The Doors” 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great artists that have recently surfaced and some amazing music that’s been produced within our generations life span, but there are some artists who don’t put any effort at all into what they create and still prosper from it. Take for example “21 Savage” and “Lil Yachty”, both rappers that have recently gained popularity within our age group, also both rappers who mumble some swear words and threats to “pull up and shoot you”, put a bass line behind it and write it off as music. That said, I’m not calling them or all artists in the rap genre talentless, I like all types of music, including hip hop/rap, but newer artists just don’t put in the time. And if you still think I’m hating on one specific category, I could go on for ages about pop music today. I mean really, there’s just got to be a point where Meghan Trainor stops saying “No” or when Ariana Grande quits bursting the ear drums of dogs whilst dancing around with rabbit ears.


Lil Yachty aka Lil Boat 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons 

Now I’m sure by now I have offended over half the boys that attend Woodstock High and practically all the freshmen girls reading this. But, if you’d like to get accustomed with some music where the lyrics are comprehendible, I have a few suggestions, as do my friends.

Alternative/rock music:

  • “I really like ‘Modern Baseball’ and their sound/style, they’re a great group to listen to if you want to jam or just relax.” – Emma Visser, senior at Woodstock Highschool
  • “Arctic Monkeys”
  • “Weezer”
  • “The Front Bottoms”

Relaxed music:

  • “Jack Johnson”
  • “Frank Ocean”
  • “Jon Bap”

Old School Rock music:

  • “The Beatles”
  • “I take a liking to ‘Van Halen’ when I’m in the mood to dance or shout lyrics in the car, they’re just a fun band to listen to and their older style of music just sounds better to me than new stuff.” – Maddie Caracalas, freshman at Woodstock High
  • “Eagles”
  • “The Clash”

All in all, music is different to every ear it plays to and people like what they like. Artists will come and go and these suggestions are all just my opinion on people who absolutely rock. Give it a listen if you’d like, keep listening to trap music if that’s what you like, who cares? But next time you’re browsing for a good song, keep a few of the older artists in mind.


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