Senior Profile

Staff Writer: Mina Schuler

My name is Mina Schuler and my greatest accomplishment (for now) has been making it this far. I’m definitely not the best example of “school spirit”, since I’m more interested in the outside world. However, Woodstock will forever be the only high school I went to, and it’s been a blessing.

My future plans are constantly changing, but for now I’m looking into computer programming as well as accounting. (? Let’s see how long I stick with this one) I also plan on traveling the world (Iceland) and possibly studying abroad in random countries (Iceland). I will also own a cat, I’m still deciding the breed, named Sir Nico Pounce Fluffles the First.

 My favorite memory of Woodstock would probably be any moment I wasn’t in a state of literal confusion. “Maybe the real favorite memories are the friends we made along the way”.

 My favorite article was by far the local pets, since my others were calendars which were informative but still pretty dull. I loved going to the stores and playing with the animals to get an idea of their “personalities”. I set up the articles similar to a dating profile, and I strongly believe there should be an adoption website with a similar formatting if there isn’t already.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for being classmates.

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