Summer Is Almost Here

Staff writer: Maddie Caracalas

As our school year comes to an end, I’ve heard plenty of summer plans from my peers. I’ll be spending my summer visiting my family in Greece, and decided to see some other students plans when school gets out. I asked multiple friends what they’ll be doing, and here’s what they said.

Amir Elghonemy, freshman, will doing cross country all summer.

Jaiden Colon, freshman, will be spending some time in Florida and then going to Six Flags.

Alec Flynn, freshman, will be spending time in Chattanooga with his dad and then going to tennis camp.

Stefan Duckett, freshman, will be playing travel lacrosse and working.

Abby Brams, freshman, will be going on a trip to Boston and to the Smokies, and will just walk around and go adventuring.

Paige Masiello, freshman, will just be having a fun time with friends, unsure of what adventures will come her way.

To wrap up my last journalism article, school is almost over and Summer is coming fast. Don’t forget to have fun. See you next year, Woodstock.

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