Wings Bound- Chapter 6

The next Monday reached us faster than a speeding train, and we all hated it. All I wanted to do was practice my flying. I had gotten a little bit better at it, and Icould now land without too much of an issue, but I wanted to be able to do stunts and loops! All i could manage now was a tight corkscrew.

So it was then I made the decision. I decided I would no longer ride the bus. I would fly to school.

In hindsight, probably a bad idea.

I managed to take off with my backpack on, though it was slow and clumsy at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. I didn’t know the route to school exactly, so instead, I hovered high in the air until the bus came and followed it from above. I didn’t think anyone saw me, which was good.

By the time we reached the school, my wings were very, very sore from carrying the extra weight of my backpack and from such a long flight. I quickly skimmed over the school to find a place to land. A quick glance proved a valiant effort as I spotted an empty courtyard in the area between two of the schools’ branching hallways. Slowly circling the area to ensure nobody was there to see, I made my way down from the sky and landed, albeit roughly, in the grass.

I quickly threw on an extra sweater from my backpack which covered my wings easily. Slinging my backpack on to my shoulder, I turned to walk in to the school…

… and saw a small group of people behind me.

Who were all gaping at me.

“Well shi-”

I didn’t even finish my sentence before the group of students ran towards me, all shouting questions and accusations.

“Why do you have wings?”

“Where’d you get them?

And some of the more hurtful.

“What the heck, freak!”

“What are you, an alien?”

And more students still had their phones out, having obviously gotten photos or videos of me making my landing. I froze in horror as I saw them sending videos to their friends.

“No, nononono!” I yelled, attempting to knock the phones from their hands. But it was too late. Several dings echoed across the schoolyard as the phones sent messages to lord-knows-where. And at that point, I panicked. Ripping off my sweatshirt, I quickly spread my wings and flapped. The crowd backed off as I picked up air. In my fear-fulled state, I didn’t even get a running start. I simply rose in to the air and took off, my sweater and backpack forgotten.

My head swirled as I rose above the school, up to the thin layer of clouds hanging in the sky. A deep breath filled my lungs.

And then I heard a beep from my phone.

Nervously reaching to my back pocket, I pulled out my phone to see a text from Kaylee.

“Hannah, did you see this?!”

Attached was the video of me landing in the courtyard.

“Yeah, I saw.” I replied. “I’m above the school. I had to get away.”

A quick notification popped up from Twitter. I was about to ignore it when I saw the word “Wings”.

Quickly swiping down, I opened Twitter and saw the post from the news channel.

“Video of girl with wings at local school baffles media. No evidence of video manipulation found.” With the video attached.

I quickly sent the link to Kaylee with a message. “What do I do?! I cant show my face at school after this!”

“You dont have a choice.” Kaylee replied. “You cant just hide away forever.”

I realized she was right. I had to face the kids at school. “Okay…” I sent the message and began to fly down, albeit slowly. I suddenly got an idea. Angling myself down more, I gave a hard flap of my wings and went in to a downwards spiral. I forced myself to level out as I approached the ground, reaching down and scooping up my sweater and backpack as I flew by. Kids in the yard hardly had time to register I was there before I was flapping my wings and headed off towards the front of the school.

I didn’t bother to put back on my sweater. Everyone had seen the video by now. I carefully maneuvered my backpack around my wings and entered the building, hoping with cautious optimism that things would be alright.

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