Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Ah, The Cure, a band that brings old people, young people, goths and “normies” all together in perfect harmony. Truly, one of the most legendary groups of their genre. Yeah, their music is different and unlike anything else out there, but their flamboyant vocals along with dark melodies are what truly gives them an edge.


Singer and songwriter Robert Smith of The Cure smiling cheekily at the crowd.

Formed in Crawley, West Sussex, in 1976, The Cure has experienced many different line-up changes while keeping vocalist Robert Smith the only original member. The original members of the band were school friends at Notre Dame middle school back in Sussex. There, they made a connection with music and rhythm as they started a band called The Obelisk.

Soon enough, they had their very first performance at an end-of-year show in 1973, after that, the band continued to jam together and make music. In about 1977, the band went under a few changes, one being their name…twice, as well as the departure of their old friend Martin Creasey. They went from The Obelisk to The Malices to The Easy Cure after being influenced by the punk rock scene.

During March 1977, Easy Cure hired and fired a vocalist only known as Gary X, who by April, was replaced by Peter O’ Toole. This lineup gave their first live performance on April 24, at Saint Edward’s Hall.  On May 5, Easy Cure made the first of many regular live performances at a pub known as “The Rocket “, and within the same month, the band recorded a demo in Robert’s parents’ house.


The Cure playing a gig, obviously very in tune with themselves along with the crowd.

The band then entered and won a contest and got a record deal with a German record label. Alas, all good things must come to an end… and by that, I mean the high school band The Easy Cure, played their last gig at Montefiore institute Hall on April 22, 1978. “I went to their concert back in June last year and they literally played five hours! I mean, Robert is an old dude, so to see him totally kill it on stage was amazing.”- Abby Johnson, junior at Ola High School.

Don’t worry though! After the end of The Easy Cure, Robert Smith, along with the remaining members of the old group formed a new band, which will forever be known as simply, The Cure. From there The Cure released their debut album Three Imaginary Boys in May 1979. Soon enough, their second single “Boys Don’t Cry” was released in June.


When the lights go out at a Cure concert, you know it’s about to get real!


One thing led to another and the band then embarked their support of fellow post punk group, Siouxsie and The Banshees by touring with them for a promotional tour.  The tour saw Smith pull a double duty as singer for The Cure at night and guitarist for Siouxsie and The Banshees, this made a significant impact on the artist. “I always thought it was huge for Robert Smith to be in Siouxsie and The Banshees, they were both such huge acts at the time so for people to see them both live together was a big deal!”- Leonard Johnson, music lover.




  1. Went to a Cure concert 2ish years ago and it was full of 40 year old goths. Still fun though.

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