Two Injured in Nearly Fatal Plane Crash


Staff Writer: Carter Maczko

A small plane being piloted by a student pilot, crashed around 5p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. The plane had a student pilot and instructor when the plane lost control and crashed near the runway in Ball Ground. The plane was about 200 feet off the ground when the plane lost power and the instructor took over and tried to save the plane from crashing. The instructor tried to get the plane back on route to land on the runway, but missed the runway and the plane fell down a 50-foot hill and stopped when it ran into a barbed wire fence. The plane soon caught fire and had to be quickly extinguished by the Cherokee county fire department.

1    Plane on fire after crash. Photos courtesy of                                                                               Creative Commons, Gathered by armondo rendon

The firemen quickly rushed in towards the plan to get the student and instructor out of the burning plane. The firemen had difficulty getting the two pilots out because the plane had landed on its side. They escaped the plane, luckily, only with minor injuries. The two were taken to Wellstone hospital as well as two firefighters who were taken for “bumps and bruises” but were taken to the hospital as a precaution. The crash is being investigated after only an hour earlier another small plane made an emergency landing on a Jackson county highway after experiencing engine failure.

2    Fire Fighters searching plane. Photos courtesy of                                                                          Creative Commons, Gathered by armondo rendon



When talking to Woodstock high school junior Johnny McDowell about the incident, he stated “I didn’t hear about, it’s always so sad to hear about these horrible plane crashes. It makes me think of the families of those who have died or seriously been injures and how hard it must be to deal with the tragedy and I’m glad everyone is safe .” It’s always horrible to hear about these accidents and thankfully, nobody in this crash was seriously injured.

Another quote from another junior, Josiah Siegal, he said “it sucks to hear about, and I feel like I hear about it too often but I’m glad everybody was safe.” After all the fatal plane crashes around the world and some recent plane crashes in Georgia, it is good to hear that all the passenger to the plane were uninjured. The student pilot and instructor are planned to be released from the hospital within the next few days as well as the two firefighters.

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