North Korea vs. USA

north korea

Kim Jong-Un the leader of North Korea

Staff Writer: Preston Stubblefield 


Nuclear-armed North Korea has mocked President Donald Trump raising the tension between the two countries North Korea and the United States of America. In the Korean Peninsula, the United States have ten super high tech submarines to match North Korea`s seventy submarines. North Korea has six hundred thousand active duty troops ready to go to war. As for the United States, we have twenty-eight thousand troops in the Korean Peninsula area. President Trump calls it a “fire and fury” and that our military is locked and loaded for anything that North Korea may try.

north korea 2

North Korea testing their missiles


North Korea accuses the United States of environmental policies of causing climate change and producing pollution around the world. They also believe that the United States will be the cause of “nuclear warfare”. Nuclear armed North Korea mocked trump by “bereft of reason” and that the Korean`s have an unusual detailed plan to send a “crucial warning” to the United States. They want to show us that they are the “only absolute force”. The North has warned us that they are enforcing implementation will only result in “our stronger self-defensive counter-measures” and it said the United States, “the major factor of these resolutions,” will be all our responsibility “for any uncontrolled critical situation in and over the Korean Peninsula.” 

north korea 3

North Korea test launching their missiles


The past few months North Korea has been trying to reach a nuclear missile in the United States territory, with their past tests they believe that they can and will hit the United States. The Island of Guam was their first target. Guam is a little Island outside of the coast of California, which is home to some United States strategic assets including long-range bombers and military jets and submarines. Those assets are deployed to show the North our force in the Korean Peninsula. Japan has warned that they would shoot down and North Korean missile that threatened their territory or waters. They would “never tolerate” provocations from the reclusive North Korea. If the North were to launch a missile, it would take seventeen minutes forty-five seconds to travel two thousand eighty-five miles to hit the Island of Guam. President Trump said, “Our military is far stronger and much more powerful than ever before.”



President of the United States, Donald Trump


In July, the North had two successful tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile that brings much of the United States in range. If the North were to ever launch a missile we has in the United States would not allow the missile to even reach our waters. We would immediately shoot down the missile and would be going to war with the North. The only problem would be China and we do not need the red army waking up. That is the reason why we do not just blow the North off the map; we need China on our side.

All photos courtesy of Creative Commons, Gathered by Madison Killian

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