Nuclear Tension Rising Between Powers

Korean Nuclear Missiles                Photos courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Paityn Waller.

Staff Writer: Brenden Foo

There has been a major conflict that has been growing for the past several months between the United States and North Korea. All of this built up tension has come to be, due to the fact that both militaries have a large number of nuclear weapons at their disposal. There have been many exchanges between both countries that contained threats to send nuclear missiles at the other country, but it has not happened so far. Although there are many people who say that Trump should just blow up North Korea, considering the facts that idea should never come to mind.

The main problem that comes to light when there is talk about sending nuclear missiles in the direction of North Korea is China. China has a 2.4 million-man army that is just waiting for one country to make their move, because China is going to go against

Chinese MilitaryPhotos                                        courtesy of Creative Commons Gathered by Paityn Waller.

whichever country shoots the first missile at the other. This makes bombing North Korea a much harder decision considering the fact that if the United States decides to bomb them first, that means that it is going to be North Korea and China coming after them. Even though Donald Trump has said, “The United States military is stronger than it ever has been before”, that does not mean it can take on one of, if not the largest militaries in the world.

Another reason not to bomb them would be how the rest of the world would react. If either one of the countries decide to bomb the other, that would be enough to quite possibly start a world war. Countless lives would be unnecessarily lost due to the fact that there is a different political view between these two countries. The would also be a large economic decline since there would be more money going towards funding the war that would be going on. This could also cause another draft which could take a lot of young men and women’s lives away for no reason.

Political and social differences are inevitable between different countries, but that does not mean that there should be any type of warfare that comes from that. Considering what Jimi Hendrix said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace,” which shows that neither of these countries has to show that they are stronger than each other. The world has been relatively peaceful for quite some time now, so neither of these countries should try and mess that up.

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