Solar Eclipse Makes Its Way Around the U.S.

Staff Writer: Alonna Wood

On Aug. 21, 2017, a solar eclipse occurred in the United States, this hasn’t happened since 1979 .


The total eclipse at (3rd contact): The Moon starts moving away, and the Sun reappears. Photo Courtesy: Armando Carillo


Across the states  Oregon to South Carolina about fourteen states along the path of totality, which means that there was full exposure to the solar eclipse, this ran across the East and West coasts, which where it became completely dark outside. Viewers outside this path only got a look at a partial solar eclipse, with a little light shining through still, so it did not get completely dark outside. 

What is a solar eclipse? An eclipse of the Sun happens when the new moon moves between the Sun and Earth, blocking out the Sun’s rays and casting a shadow on parts of Earth.

During a solar eclipse it is always important to wear protection on your eyes, especially if you are looking directly at the sun, because it can damage your eyes severely. The only time it will be okay to look at the sun will be when the Eclipse is in the path of totality.

“The sun is incredibly bright – some 400,000 times brighter than a full moon. For this reason, any amount of exposure can cause short-term and/or long-term damage,” said Marylin Gordon, so to  protect your eyes during the solar eclipse you should buy a pair of glasses which will prevent your eyes from being damaged.

The glasses are worn to prevent the suns UV rays from burning your eyes. If you wear your glasses originally you should keep them on, just wear your solar eclipse glasses on top of them.

“During the solar eclipse at Woodstock High School , they will give all the students glasses like these, so we can  protect our eyes from the UV rays “ – Armando Carillo (10th grade)


Photo courtesy: Armando Carillo


Hopefully you didn’t miss this year’s solar eclipse the next solar eclipse won’t occur until 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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