The Wolverines kick-off their season!

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi 

The Woodstock cross-country team kicked off their season early August. Coach Scharich says, “It’s been a pleasure teaching these students and I’ve had fun myself.” The team practices almost every day and as you can predict the team is well conditioned.   

The latest meet was the Battle of Fairways at Fairways golf course. Around 10 teams came out and competed on a sunny afternoon on August 18.  For the boys, they finished a stunning third place out of 10 teams. Dylan Mason led Woodstock with a two-mile time of 11:09. With Austin Bailey leaving, Dylan has stepped up to play a lead role. The girls finished second place out of 10 which is even more impressive! Roswell finished first. Anna Burnett, the star runner for the girls’ team, came into her junior year with a bang. She finished with a two-mile run of 12:36. She broke records last year and Woodstock is more than lucky to have her for two more years. She is also a track star and has great potential. Coach says, ” We are getting better and better.”  

Thankfully, the team has no injuries. The players look very sharp during practice and don’t give up on themselves. They don’t give up because they look up to runners like Corey Champion and Austin Bailey. Corey who had a terrific four years for Woodstock and now attends Jacksonville State University, is a great role model for the young runners. Austin who graduated last year, now attends the University of Mercer for cross-country and track. These players both set records and set high standards for the future runners. 

The next meet is the AT&T Panther Invitational at Heritage Church on September second. Coach said, ” I can’t wait until the next one, we’re going to come out strong.” The race will be around eight in the morning on a Saturday. Can Woodstock get a big win at Heritage church? With football season started up its hard to choose which sport is more entertaining to watch. Everyone knows the excitement under Friday night lights, but why not go out one day with your family, friends, or just yourself and enjoy the views of watching teenagers running their hearts out to bring their team on top. It is free to attend and it is a nice way of showing wolverine pride. Come out to the next meet and support your wolverines! 


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