Maintaining all A’s in all AP classes??

Staff Writer: Jordan Van Dyke

I caught up with one of our senior girls to see how their senior year is coming along so far! Emily Wyatt is currently taking six AP/ honors classes this year, while also maintaining an after school job. I asked her how this year has been treating her so far and here is what she had to say, “I like it, I mean it’s very stressful at times but I’m very excited to start on college stuff, but at the same time very eager for it to go away.”

I also talked to her a little about what she is looking to get out of all of her work this year and her response is short and sweet, “A college acceptance letter.” Emily is currently set on going to Valdosta University. She is currently taking Pre calculus, AP micro, AP macro, AP Europe, AP government, honors anatomy and honors literature. While maintaining all A’s currently in every class, I would say that is quiet impressive while also adding senior project.

Then I wanted to visit a more fun side to her past years leading up to her final chapter. I asked Emily about what her best memory in high school would have to be, and again with a pretty short and sweet response that actually brought a smile to my face, “That’s a good question I am honestly trying to think on that, have I even had a good high school memory though??”

Which made me a bit curious about her worst high school memory. Her response was, “Every time my freshmen Spanish teacher called on me was a bad memory, I practically cried on the inside, or even the time I actually left crying from my Spanish class” I can definitely understand how frightening a foreign language can be. Emily also added to that by saying, “I actually had an awkward moment of pulling into the wrong lane and getting loudly honked at.” I can proudly say I have not had the pleasure of that experience yet.

I finally wanted to ask her for any of tips on how she is accomplishing everything. Emily’s initial response was to say “no sleeping pretty much.” But, after talking a little about all that she does, I can tell she is very hard working and is clearly very good with her time management. I’m sure we are going to have plenty of very successful seniors this year!


Emily and her twin sister, Alyssa.


Photos courtsey of: Emily Wyatt

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