Hurricane Harvey vs. Irma

By: Preston Stubblefield

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were catastrophic hurricanes. It`s estimated that twenty seven trillion gallons of rain was dumbed over Texas and Louisiana during a six day span. This rainfall was recorded as the most in the United States at fifty one inches of rain. That is four feet three inches of rain. Most swimming pools only go up to five feet, so put that in perspective of how much rain there was. Hurricane Harvey will end costing the United States around seventy five billion dollars in repairing homes for one hundred thousand people, repairing stores, roads, anything and everything that was impacted by the storm. As of Monday seventy six thousand people have been rescued from their homes. Two hundred and fifteen students have been of school since the storm. They are the seventh biggest school district in the United States and they`ve been out of school for almost two and half weeks.

Hurricane Harvey and Irma both were estimated around one hundred and sixty billion dollar natural disasters. This would be an estimation around three hundred and twenty billion dollars of damage from these catastrophic storms. Gas prices have sprung up since both of the storms and don’t expect the prices to go down either.  These prices will keep going up and will stay up for a while.  Both of these storms will result into a distort measure of the United States economy, but these storms won`t have a long lasting impact. The job market has had a big impact from the storms.  While Hurricane Harvey never reached a category five it still caused a lot of damage in the southwest area of the United States. Hurricane Irma was a category five and had wins up to one hundred seventy five miles per hour winds. It was the first category five ever recorded to hit the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

All of the money doesn’t even matter when you start to look at the death rate for the two storms. Just in the Caribbean alone twenty seven people died as of yesterday. Twenty four people have been killed in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Millions of people have no power, no water, no nothing.  As for Hurricane Harvey, well Harvey did more destruction to families by taking at least sixty five innocent people from their loved ones. Their deaths can`t and won`t ever be replaced.

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