NBA Off Season Full of Big Moves

Staff Writer: Carter Maczko 

With an NBA offseason full of big trades and big signings, it was one of the craziest in recent years if not history. Some teams trying to become contenders in the upcoming NBA finals and some teams trading away big-name players and starting the rebuilding stage for their franchise. Many trades during draft night and many more lopsided and smart trades made for a great couple month with many more trades coming before the trade deadline in February.  

One of the biggest trades this year was Chris Paul to the Rockets in late June. The Rockets traded away seven players, a first-round pick and cash for just one player. Although Paul is a nine-time all-star and, statistically, a top 20-point guard of all time, the Rockets traded away a former Sixth Man of the Year winner in Lou Williams and an amazing defender in Patrick Beverly. As well as five other good players and a pick; the Clippers were obviously the winners of that trade. 


Chris Paul with his new rockets jersey. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Collected by Nadia Jahoda

A smaller trade this year was Ricky Rubio to the Utah Jazz for a 2018 first-round pick. Although Rubio might not be a really big-name player, he is a young, athletic, pass first point guard in which his last five or six seasons with the Timberwolves, he averaged more than eight assists per game. The Jazz have a great big man in Rudy Gobert and a great veteran as a leader in Joe Johnson. The Timberwolves ultimately won the trade when they acquired two great point guards to take Rubio’s spot and they gained a first-round pick. When asking junior Johnny Mcdowell about the trade, he said, “As a Timberwolves fan, this was a great trade for the team. Getting rid of Rubio and adding the new players will make us a great team.” 

Another big trade this year happened in early July when the Oklahoma City Thunder traded for Paul George from The Indiana Pacers. The Thunder gained an explosive, and very athletic small forward in Paul George, who used to once be considered a top player in the league before his injury. The Pacers gained an athletic shooting guard with the addition of Olidipo but he hasn’t quite played to his full potential which we all know he can from the way he played in college and the University of Indiana. The Pacers also gained a young, tall, former first round pick from the thunder. He only averaged 5.9 points per game in his averaged 20 minutes of playing time per game. The Thunder blatantly won this trade by gaining a former all-star and top player in the league, while only giving away two mediocre players. 


Kyrie Irving and Gordan Heyward with their new Celtics jerseys. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Collected by Nadia Jahoda

The biggest trade of this year with no argument is the recent trading of Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics for two great players and a first-round pick. After Kyrie surprisingly requested to be traded off the second-best team in the NBA for the past 4 seasons and the team with the greatest player in the world right now.  The Cavaliers put him on the market, the Celtics quickly sent in trade offers. The Celtics traded away the best player on their team in Isiah Thomas. Thomas Averaged 29 points per game in the 2017 season which is the most PPG by any Celtics player ever, beating out Larry Bird and Paul Pierce for the record. He led his team to a better record than the Cavs in the regular season giving them the one seed going into the playoffs. The Celtics also traded away a great shooter and defender in Jae Crowder. Crowder averaged 14 PPG, shooting 47% from the field and a great 40% from behind the three-point line.  

The Cavs traded away a top-two point guard in the league. In the 2016 Finals, Irving hit the winning shot with less than a minute to play. Winning Game 7 for the Cavs beating the best team ever, The Golden State Warriors who went 73-9 in the regular season breaking the bulls record of 72-10. Irving is an amazing ball handler with a great shot and insane quickness and footwork. The Celtics added Kyrie to their roster with newly added all-star Gordan Heyward. They should work great together at the one and two positions on the court. In the end, I believe the Cavs won the trade because they got a great point guard to take Irving’s spot and another great role player to add to their already amazing bench. While talking to a huge Celtics fan in Ryan Sidney, he said “I think the trade was dumb that we gave away so much just for this one player, but adding him to our team might make us a contender for the upcoming Finals.” 

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