Marching Through the Field

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh


The Color Guard and Marching Band Program at Woodstock High School has expanded rapidly year after year. Each year they bring different, exciting shows to the table. If you have not already seen their amazing performances, you can catch them on Friday game days where they perform either during halftime or after the game. You can also listen to our outstanding band playing throughout the game. Last year they killed it with their theme “Wild Things”, and are already showing us their sporty side with their new theme, “Field of Dreams”.


Color Guard is part of the Marching Band, but doesn’t exactly make the music. Instead, they perform to the music in which the Marching Band provides them. These performances help tell the story in which the music conveys through motion and colors. People in Color Guard use flags, sabers, and rifles in order to show the audience the story in which the Band helps them hear and feel.


Last year, the Band and Color Guard chose a theme that related to the well known children’s book and movie, “Where the Wild Things are”, written by Maurice Sendak. The book in which the performances were based off of is about a boy who runs away from home due to feeling out of place and misunderstood at home. After leaving home, he ends up in a land where the Wild Things lived. These Wild Things, being big and nonhuman creatures, helped him throughout his journey. In this new land, he becomes king, hoping to make everyone happy. Although he wants to make everyone happy, he later realizes that it is impossible, even with these Wild Things.


This year’s theme, “Field of Dreams”, features a simulated baseball game where great figures in the sport throughout history are recognized. If you have missed their last two performances during halftime, don’t worry. You still have a whole football season to catch them. Even outside of performing during halftime, they compete with other marching bands at competitions.


Laney Broussard, a sophomore, stated how, “In the past, Color Guard has received superior ratings and has ranked above other schools competing at certain competitions, so I am excited to see how all of our hard work will add up this year!”


It’s not just through luck that they earn these rankings. Marching Band and Color Guard practice together every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Before any of that, they spend two weeks in the summer practicing for long hours in band camp. Saturday band camps are also scheduled sparingly throughout the school year for preparation.


Although there is a lot of practicing, Marching Band and Color Guard enjoy their time preparing and performing. A sophomore, Katie Torkkola, told me how, “It’s truly amazing. I love it all. The people, the shows, the work. Everything! Its has definitely made me open up to more people and it has made me more confident in myself.” Even from just watching them throughout the years I can say that it seems like an amazing experience. Hopefully this year gives our Woodstock High School Marching Band and Color Guard amazing adventures and achievements.


  1. Demetria R. Lane says:

    As a parent of a color guard member and band booster, I look forward to Friday nights. Supporting the football team, jamming to the band’s music, and seeing the show performance of the color guard in custom …how awesome is that? Friday nights couldn’t get any better!

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