North Korea: Searching for Respect

Staff Writer: Charley Snyder

With all the issues surrounding North Korea today, it only felt right to write about it and express my opinion. I think that North Korea is


The above picture is the North Korean flag. Gathered by Emily Hailstone.

trying to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with, but in doing so they have somewhat done the opposite. By shooting off missiles that barely get off the ground, and having bombs aimed for the United States that can only reach the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, North Korea has made themselves more of a joke than a superpower. However, North Korea has succeeded in oppressing their people and putting genuine fear into their hearts, and possibly they could succeed in making that fear spread to neighboring countries.


For the last few years Kim Jong-un has been testing bombs and missiles frequently in North Korea. Most have been aimed in the direction of the United States, but none have even come close to hitting us. However, Guam, one of the United States’ dependencies, has been in danger of being bombed for a few months now. And just recently in the last day, Japan has been threatened by North Korea. North Korea has also successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, which is much more powerful than an atomic bomb.

When asked if he thinks that North Korean missiles will ever reach the United States, Coach Mason Wren said, “Heck no, we’ll shoot those puppies down.”

Korea 2.png

The above picture is North Korean propaganda. Gathered by Emily Hailstone.


Although North Korea may be seen as a joke by most of the world, the people that live in North Korea are kept oblivious to the outside world. They are afraid of their government, and see their leader Kim Jong-un as an actual God. They are not allowed to watch Hollywood films, visit other countries, or even speak of the United States.

When asked what her opinion on the propaganda and Communism that North Korea displays on its people, teacher Wendy Tipton said, “I think it’s a frightening mirror image of what happened in Nazi Germany.”

Some, like myself, wonder why the United States doesn’t just go and blow North Korea off the map, and there is a solid answer for this question: China. If we were to attack North Korea, China would defend them because they are allied countries. However, if North Korea were to attack the United States first, China has said that they would not protect North Korea and not interfere in the war.

North Korea is sort of like a little forgotten cousin that feels like a squirt at the family reunion, so they throw a fit to get attention. But could they grow to become a world super power? Probably not.

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