Woodstock Sending off the Smiles of Woodstock Special Olympics

Staff Writer: Isabella Boatwright

What is the Special Olympics? 

The Special Olympics is a time where the different kind of perfect kids get to show off their talents! The athletes get to compete in series of events and other fun activities. This is an event for students, teachers, and parents to come together and put the kids to do things they dreamed of doing! Mr. Smith makes sure the kids have a perfect day and puts together the school to make the kids feel on top! Also, Mr. Smith is planning a big send off to encourage and cheer on the kids before they go and compete! The Woodstock High School friends club get to experience the exciting day with all the athletes as they cheer on and participate in the events! The students are thrilled to have a fun-filled day! 

What events are the athletes competing in? 

At the Special Olympics, there is an event for everyone! They compete in a variety of track events like, Yard Dash, Yard Walk, and Wheelchair Race. Also at the field there is Running, Standing Long Jump, T-ball strike, Bean-Bag toss and more! After all the sports events, they have an Olympic Town! They have face and hair painting, carnival games, and more! If you win an event, the athletes win medals! Woodstock High School is taking 33 students this year.  Don’t miss as we will cheer on the kids as we send them off as they take on the Olympics.  

How important they are to Woodstock 


Photo courtesy of A Woodstock Slice of Life. Photo gathered by Isabella Boatwright. Last year at the Olympics, kids cheering each other on!

These kids are so important to every student at Woodstock. Their personalities are all so unique and they are not afraid to show everyone the true them! These kids put smiles on everyone’s faces and don’t worry about challenges because their happiest overcomes it. In the hallways and classrooms, they make Woodstock a better place and complete. Also, the wonderful teachers and friends who make this happen everyday! They are so incredible and are so good at making the kids have more confidence. 



“My favorite part of the Olympics is seeing the joy in my student’s faces as they compete- their smiles are so contagious and wonderful- everyone has so much fun!”- Mrs.Heil  


Photo courtesy of A Woodstock Slice of Life website. Photo gathered by Isabella Boatwright. Other schools being supportive!

“Mr. Smith has planned a big send off this year! The students are so excited!”- Mrs. Heil 


When: Friday, Sept. 29 at 9:30Am (rain day is Monday, Oct. 2) 

Where: River Ridge High School stadium.  

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