Has Fantasy Football Changed the Way People View the NFL?

Staff Writer: Samuel Snyder

Fantasy Football is a sports related game that allows people to get together and draft for players of their choosing. They compete each week, and usually it’s a very competitive game. Depending on how their players do in the real-life games is how their team does in the game. Like my freshman friend Sebastian Moss said once “Fantasy Football is going to be the death of me, but I can’t stop playing it.”

Fantasy Football is so competitive that people forget that they are watching football to see their favorite team pumble over the other. They get so into whether their player is going to do good or completely blow it. Like 9th grader Walker Ormsby always says “He blew it!”. They cheer for the team that they hate just because they have a fantasy player on that team. In my own experiences I find myself cheering for the Panthers when my favorite team is the Falcons just because I have the Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

People all over the United States say that fantasy football has ruined the full NFL experience. This is a logical statement because the NFL is meant for watching the TEAM game and not focusing on one player to rack up the points in your fantasy lineup. Another reason that fantasy football has ruined the NFL is the live game experience. People will go to live games and be glued to their phone looking through their stats even if there is a touchdown happening at that very moment.

The main reason people stress about Fantasy Football ruining the NFL is that the fans disconnect with players they truly love in their heart and cheer for others. Many people admit that they cheer on their fantasy player even if they are going against their favorite player in the league. It makes watching the greatest sport in America just all a game to beat your friends. Not very fun.

So, the real question is should Fantasy Football be banned or is it a staple that people will get mad if erased. Something that will be thought about for a while and probably not decided for a while. The answer though, will be a huge thing in the football community and some will hate it, and others will love it.

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