Rankings The Top 3 Marvel Movie Installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Era. Staff Writer: Corey Darko

Ever since Marvel started the Marvel Cinematic Universe Era, they have produced some of the best Marvel movies yet. This article is to rank the best MCU movies made so far. 

Caption: The Brains Behind Marvel Movie productions

Credit: Credit:  Photo Courtesy of Creative commons. Gathered by Emily Hailstone

  1. Iron Man (2008):   This movie basically set up the MCU universe. Mixed with great acting, this movie was a box office hit as it received 588 million dollars. Audiences everywhere fell in love with the actor Robert Downey Jr. simply because of how well he played iron man. It accurately told the Story of how Tony stark became Iron Man because of being kidnapped by terrorist resulting in a land mine going off. This resulted in a piece of metal getting stuck in Tony’s heart. From there, Iron Man became  Iron Man. While some other Marvel movies might be better, this movie was the most valuable as it encouraged Marvel fans to check out future marvel movies based on the success of Iron Man. Marvel Cinematic Universe took off  because of Iron Man


Caption: The Beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Era

Credit: Credit:  Photo Courtesy of Creative commons. Gathered by Emily Hailstone

  1. The Avengers (2012): See the trend here? Another impactful movie. The Avengers not only gave marvel fans the members in the movies, but sets up arguably the most exiting movie series in Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie had a lot of hype as there was a lot of pressure to not mess up the most important super team in all of comics (sorry DC fans). However, Marvel lived up to the hype. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 92 percent rating, and this movie made a ridiculous 1.5 billion dollars in Box office. Good storytelling mixed with awesome action and great humor is the reason this movie is in my top 2. In the movie, Hulk, Hawk-eye, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man are the main members attempting to stop Loki from destroying the earth with the powerful Tesseract. Arguably, this movie had the best combination of actors, directors, action and humor all at the same time, but importance  of the first Iron Man gives them the edge over The Avengers

Caption: Avengers: The Beginning of the Greatest Superhero group assembled

Credit: Credit:  Photo Courtesy of Creative commons. Gathered by Emily Hailstone


  1.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014): While you can make an argument  That Captain America The First Avenger  and Avengers Age Of Ultron should be higher, Captain America The Winter Soldier movie no doubt had the best action. The fight scenes between Captain America and the Winter Soldier were epic. Mixed with a remarkable story of how his childhood friend Bucky was brainwashed into the evil winter soldier and how the government is evil and after Captain America and destroy the world. Mixed with good action, amazing story, humor and a box office smash of 1.13 billion dollars, this movie deserved a top 3 ranking and helped set up Captain America Civil War . It also helped that the Russo brothers, who directed this movie and are directing Avengers Infinity War, directed this movie as they are known for their amazing story lines and action scenes. All-in-all, the better action scenes mix with more humor pushed this movie to the top 3.


Caption: The Battle of Supremacy Between Captain America and Iron Man

Credit: Credit:  Photo Courtesy of Creative commons. Gathered by Emily Hailstone

In conclusion, while there are many great Marvel movies, I feel these movies are not only the most valuable and impact, but also mix that with the plots mixed with humor and amazing action

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