Should the Drinking Age be Lowered? 

staff writer: Carter Maczko

Is it a bad idea to lower the drinking age in America to 18 instead of 21? This is a very talked about subject with very different views and opinions. As we all know, once kids get in high school the pressure starts building up to drink. When the kids get into college, the pressure gets even higher and more and more kids drink underage.  Human brains do not stop developing until we are about 19-21. Drinking alcohol at a younger age causes brain cells to be in danger of getting damaged.  

According to the cdc, about 72% of high school students have drank alcohol. That’s almost every three in four kids age 14 to 18, and about 37% of kids have tried it before the start of high school. Beer and alcohol are very endorsed and marketed drinks, so kids are being exposed to these products at such an early age. America is one of the few counties where the legal drinking age is 21. Out of 190 countries in the world, the US is only one if 18 countries that the drinking age is 21. In 61% of the countries on the planet, the legal age is 16 or 17 years old so for the age to be 21 it shows how serious the US is about drinking.  


Slogan teaching against underage drinking. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Collected by Paityn Waller. 


In my opinion, the US should lower the drinking age to 18. Most kids drink in high school and that’s before they are 18. If the drinking age would be brought down to 18, the sales of all those products would make the government so much more money in sales taxes. So much more beer and alcohol would be sold also making the companies way more money.  A negative effect from lowering the drinking age, would probably cause more accidents from drinking and driving. As drinking and driving is the cause of so many tragic crashes and many deaths, I believe if the age was lowered it would cause more incidents. 


Sign fighting against underage drinking. Photo courtesy of creative commons. Collected by Paityn Waller. 


With so many good and bad effects of possibly lowering the drinking age, it all depends if the US wants to stay as a minority to the rest of the world by having such a high drinking age. As we all grow up and get more and more exposed to alcohol, kids will have to make big decisions on doing the right things. 

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