Trouble in Mexico

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez

Mexico has getting really hurt with earthquakes within the last month. There have been 4 recorded earthquakes that have all been over 4.0 on the Richter scale. An 8.3 on the Richter scale is considered the maximum strength an earthquake can have. It is possible, but it is very unlikely. All the earthquakes that happened in Mexico were all near Mexico City, and that is where the largest one occurred. 2 of the earthquakes were recorded as over 7.0 on the Richter scale and both of those were deadly and destroyed many things around Mexico.

The first earthquake to hit Mexico this month was recorded on Sept. 8. It was Mexico’s strongest earthquake in a century. It was recorded as an 8.1 magnitude earthquake and it hit the southern Pacific coast. To make everything wore, while this happened Mexico was being hit by heavy rain caused by hurricane Katia. This quake was felt by about 50 million people in and around Mexico City. In September of 1985 a similar earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude happened around the same area and it killed over 9,000 people near Mexico City. They have found around 100 people dead so far from this recent earthquake. This was so strong people in Guatemala could feel it.

On Tuesday, September 19th, another very strong earthquake struck Mexico. This quake was recorded as a 7.1 magnitude which is not as strong as the first one, but it can still cause a lot of damage. Many building including a Mexican office building holding dozens of people collapsed. There are still many people missing but it is hard to rescue because rescuers have to be careful that no other buildings collapse while moving pieces of others. This earthquake was deadlier than the first one which had a stronger magnitude. Officials say that this quake has cause over 300 people. The popular building, the Alvaro Obregon, contained many people and families waited outside to see if their family members were rescued. Rescuers have to move slow to make sure no one else gets hurt.

Then on Saturday, Sept. 23,the final 2 earthquakes hit Mexico. A 6.1 magnitude and a 4.1 magnitude hit similar areas near Mexico City. The center of the 6.1 magnitude earthquake was between the first two deadly earthquakes. These earthquakes didn’t cause any deaths but they added to the damage the first earthquakes did to Mexico. These continued to knock down bridges and small buildings. Brennan Milone, a junior at Woodstock High School says, “These earthquakes are very dangerous and its scary to think about. I just hope that everyone affected will be okay.”

Emily Swart, also a junior at Woodstock says, “Its crazy how 4 very strong earthquakes happen so close together, I pray that everyone is safe.”

The search for survivors is still going on. Rescuers have to work slow so they can be careful to not cause any more damage. Families are still looking for other family members, and doing all they can to help. Rescuers will do everything they can until they think they have found everyone.


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