What are you doing for your senior project?

I caught up with two of our senior girls to see how senior project is coming along so far! I talked to senior sister, Emily and Alyssa Wyatt.

First I wanted to ask what they were doing for their project. Emily said “My senior project is on beginning to create my own brand of clothing, which includes the ins and outs of sewing and design.” Alyssa said “My senior project is on the topic of forensic psychology.”

Then, I wanted to follow up with asking why they chose design and psychology. Emily said “Recently, I have loved altering my own clothing to create something new in my wardrobe, and I want to take it a step further by designing and making my own clothes.” Alyssa said “I chose to do my senior project on forensics because it is a career field that I am heavily interested in pursuing and it is a good way to find out if that is the right career choice for me.”

Next I wanted to see what steps they were taking in completing their projects. Emily said “My senior project is more on the costly side since I have to purchase all the supplies, but aside from that I am going to be taking numerous class sessions on how to sew, the right way with a machine instead of by hand, and how to embroider. Also, learning how to market, sketch properly, and invest assuming I include the business portion,” Alyssa said “To accomplish my senior project, I will be analyzing criminal characters from different books and TV shows.”

Which leads me to ask about any setbacks they have had so far. Emily said “As of right now price is my only issue.” And Alyssa said “So far there aren’t any setbacks, but I imagine that I will come across some.”

Finally I asked if they think senior project will benefit them and the future. Emily said “I hope it will, I hope that I can further this into something that I truly invest in after school.” Alyssa said “Yes, I think my senior project will benefit me after high school because I do plan to major in psychology so that I can pursue a career in forensic psychology.” There you have it, sounds like we are going to have some really good senior projects this year!

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