Wolverine Pride


Victor Glover running the ball. (Photo gathered by Elena Waldroop.)

Staff Writer: Charley Snyder 


Lead Story: 

In the last month, the Woodstock Wolverine football team has won three games and lost only one, boosting their season record to 3-2, a winning season. The team started off the month with a win against the Sequoyah Chiefs, followed by a win against the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs. The Wolverines then had their second loss of the season against the North Paulding Wolfpack, but the next week they quickly erased a losing streak by defeating the North Forsyth Raiders. 

 In Case You Missed it: 

After the loss of fellow wolverine Maddi Phillips, the Wolverine football team came out against Kennesaw Mountain with a stunning performance. With the whole team wearing yellow socks and other bright accessories, the team scored 77 points in the game, setting a Cherokee County scoring record. 

Wolverines of the Month: 

This month’s Wolverine of the Month is Louis Hall. Hall was chosen as Wolverine of the


Woodstock Wolverine captains Louis Hall, Tucker Wood, Latrell Bankston, and Garrett Bass before a game. (Photo gathered by Elena Waldroop.)

Month because his stats were off the charts this month. In the game against North Forsyth, Hall has 200 plus receiving yards. Against Kennesaw Mountain, Hall took a punt return all the way back for a touchdown. Louis Hall is not only an amazing football player, but he is also a great person loved by many in the community. 



“We have such a great team which starts with the coaches that we have. Our coaches are top notch and always push us. The players always respond in a great way, which shows that our players know how to have good team chemistry.” Said sophomore long-snapper Colby Cox when asked how the Wolverines work together so well. 

When asked how he thinks the rest of the season is going to go, junior linebacker Dillon Shackleford responded with, “I think if we continue to work hard and bring energy to practice every day we will be able to get a good run to make it to the region championship and go further than any Woodstock team before.” 

Off the Field: 

Besides playing football, many of the players contribute to the community in other ways. Every Thursday, some of the players go to Woodstock Elementary School or Carmel Elementary school to read books to the children. 

By the Numbers: 

The Woodstock football team accumulated many interesting statistics over the past month. For one, the team broke a Cherokee County scoring record with 77 points in one game. Another amazing statistic is that sophomore safety Andrew Bartolero is in 2nd place in 7A football for tackles. 

Upcoming Events: 

Woodstock’s next game will be at Etowah against the Eagle’s. With this game being one of the biggest rivalries in the state, make sure to get to the game early, because it is going to be packed. The next week will be the homecoming game against the Lassiter Trojans. 

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