How “not” to procrastinate

Staff writer: Jae Ewing

As I sit here typing this paper the day its due I sit back and reflect on my life as a high school procrastinator. How did I end up here? Was it the party from last night? Was I too busy watching fast and furious Tokyo drift? Was it me putting this paper off for two weeks because I know I’m a good enough writer to pull it off? The world may never know. My eyes have been opened for the first time in four years and I’ve come to notice something. Some of us have a major problem with getting things done on time. It’s time to end the cycle. It’s time to make a change. It’s time to finally do things on time, and here are three easy steps to making that due date.

  1. Learning the art of balance. Picture this, you have a paper due tomorrow and your two papers behind. As you’re trying to finish you glance down at your phone screen lights up with a message saying “Yo dude what you doin later?” (Amari McCain- senior student). You glance at your computer screen then back at your phone knowing you must decide. Instead of going out for one night and having fun, not finishing that paper, failing the class, dropping out, and ending up homeless. Try this instead, finish that paper that you had two weeks to do, and tell your friend to stop texting you at the worst possible time.
  2. Managing your time. Picture this, your teacher gives you a due date and the words “I won’t accept anything late you’ve known about this since the beginning of the year and it was in your syllabus” (Jared Wallace- slightly short teacher), are ringing in your ears. instead of finishing that assignment early then doing what you want later, you go out and have fun, you play NBA 2k18, and you’re having a great time until you glance at your calendar and you see you have seven hours to submit this paper. A shot of coffee made with a 5 hr energy, and the 45 min after as your heart goes into cardiac arrest, a quick prayer to all known gods including you laying on your bed half crying wondering why you didn’t just take team sports instead of journalism. Do you finally get that paper done? Yea, of course, you are the greatest, but why would you go through all of that when you could have just done it on time?
  3. Making a backup plan. For all, you seniors out there picture this. You need a project facilitator and time is running out. No one is returning your calls, emails, or text messages, now you’re starting to panic. You’re ready to just drop out and give up on this school when like an angel sent from heaven one of your longtime friends says, “Hey man I think I know someone who could be your facilitator” (Q Travon- senior student). Now picture this, after 2 weeks of talking back and forth, you getting a plan set in motion, and sitting back happy knowing this project is gonna be a breeze then life hits you like a brick wall. Suddenly your project facilitator gets arrested for “felony drug charges” and “kidnapping” and “grand theft” just simple minor crimes. You would think a lawyer would know the law enough to not get caught. Now, look at me, sitting here without a project facilitator or a plan, sitting back happy knowing that if you fail high school you could always go into the army… on second thought I should probably find another facilitator.

Don’t be like me. Don’t procrastinate. Get things done on time. Or don’t. I don’t really care, I just needed to type a paper. Best wishes

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