Rebuilding the Team After the Loss of a Teammate 

Staff Writer: Kate O’Brien

Lead Story: After the loss of a dear friend, teammate, and overall amazing person at the beginning of this month, the Woodstock competition cheer team was at an incredible loss. After the loss, they recuperated themselves and started from basically, square one. They entirely redid their entire routine- with new music, new choreography, and even the addition of a few new teammates. With a new routine that is completely dedicated to their fallen teammate, they are back and better than ever.


Wolverine of the Month: This month’s Wolverine of the month is Liz Anderson (Senior). Although Liz has just recently joined the team, she has already been such a motivating factor to her fellow teammates. She has already taken on a big role in being an amazing leader to the rest of her team and has done an incredible job picking up the spirits of her team. Liz is clearly a very admirable person and a strong leader- and it is so very evident in the way she is so looked up to by the rest of the team. Liz is this month’s Wolverine of the Month because of how well she carries her team, and for her strong leadership qualities in supporting, encouraging and loving the rest of her team.

Quotable: “We are so excited for our new routine, and to start our new season. Although the team is not the same without Maddi, we are doing our best to honor her in all that we are doing. We cannot wait to take the mat for the first time this weekend!” – Cassidy Laconi (Junior)

Looking Ahead: The team takes the mat for the first time on October 7 at Hillgrove Highschool. They will also be performing their brand-new routine at the Woodstock-Etowah pep rally the afternoon of Friday, October 6. They will also compete on October 14 at Allatoona Highschool, October 21 at The University of West Georgia, and on October 28 at Woodstock Highschool.


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