Students get kicked out of class for wearing “make America great again” trump shirts:


In the picture on the left is Anna bailey , student at Woodstock highshool wearing a trump shirt , sharing her opinion on trump and expressing how it should be okay to wear trump shirts . In Anna’s interview she shared her opinion of trump , “I love that he is Is something different with good ideas and how he focuses on things that other presidents haven’t before.”
“I think he’s has the attention of younger people in the (us), the next generation.”
“I like that I don’t get bored listening to him and that I understand the way he puts things together.” “He says what other presidents haven’t said before because he has the guts to.”

In the picture on the right is a picture of River Ridge High school where the two students had been kicked out of class for wearing trump shirts in a math teachers classroom who did not agree with their opinions or reasoning for wearing them .

Photo courtesy : armando


staff writer: Alonna Wood

At River Ridge High school , in the state of Georgia , a high school teacher has been held accountable for kicking two students out of class for wearing a “ make America great again “ trump shirt . Lynn Orletsky a certified math teacher ,who kicked the students out , stated , “ trumps campaigns slogans were not welcome in her classroom .” A video that had been taken by another River Ridge student involved in the incident had gone viral, causing cherokee county school districts to take matters into their own hands. Later on , an investigation was held and footage was played of the teacher stating , “ just like you can not wear a swastika to school….you can not wear a make America great again shirt like that .” The teacher had told the students to take off or flip their shirts inside out , not because it said trump , but because it said “make America great again” was a “neo-nazi slogan.” The students did not face any disciplinary action according to the chief communications officer. The teachers actions were opposed as wrong because it was not a violation of school district dress code. Superintendent of cherokee county schools , Dr. Brian v. Hightower, is sorry that the incident had happened at one of his schools . He had stated ,”It doesn’t reflect his expectations that all students be treated equally and respectfully by our employees.” They then thanked the families of the children for trusting their school atmosphere for providing a safe and successful learning environment for their children .

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