The Volleyball Lady’s End the Season With a BANG!

Staff Writer: Samuel Snyder

Pictures Gathered by : Elena Waldrop

Lead Story:The Woodstock Wolverines varsity volleyball team is wrapping up their season while the end of September comes up. They had a great season with many fun times and sad times. The team has come together more and more as the regular season came to a close and coach Anita Dodd is very happy with what they have been able to accomplish. One player in particular has met their ultimate goal and signed with a college on a full scholarship! Really came down to who wanted to have fun and make the season enjoyable and they for sure did so. 

Interesting Stats: The Varsity team had an overall good season with an ending record of 10 wins and 8 losses. Coach Dodd is very excited with their performance this season


Cassidy Urode Performing a Dig!

In Case You Missed it 

Woodstock has their first tournament game Oct. 2. This tournament takes all the varsity volleyball teams and lets them battle it off to see who really is the best team in the county. Coach Dodd knows the team will do great and has no doubt they won’t make the championship of the tournament. 

Wolverine of the Month 

The Wolverines have a bunch of stout players on their team including one that made these past 15 days look easy. The senior outside hitter Reagan Rhino smashes her competitors and Coach Dodd believes she did too. 


Nyla Sheperd With the Signature Spike Move


After interviewing Coach, she says there was really no interesting quotes that can be mentioned in these past days. She did say though, that she made a few new memories with the team that she really enjoyed. 

Off the court 

Many things go on when it comes to activities off the court. One important thing that can be mentioned is senior outside hitter just accepted a scholarship to play volleyball at West Georgia. This is a huge accomplishment that doesn’t happen every day. Another thing that happened off the court is multiple players on the team attend in the National Honor Society. 

Looking Ahead 

Looking ahead on what’s to come with the wolverines: The Team has a county tournament where they can perform to their max ability against their county rivals. Players also are looking at colleges and making the big decision on who to sign to. Overall a great season for the lady wolverines and have no reason to put their heads down. 

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