Cross-Country Team Midway Through Season  

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi

Lead story: With the cross-country team halfway through the season, the Wolverines look very sharp and have some great runners this year. Anna Burnett, Anna Bailey, and Brynne summer lead the girls. Dylan Mason and Trevor Melehan lead the men. Over the past month the team has had three races. The AT&T Panther Invitational Sept. 3, Carrollton Orthopedic Invitational on Sept. 10, and the most recent, Warpath on Sept. 17.

foroutans a pussy 2.png

” The runners getting warmed up for practice. They take 2-3 laps usually and then stretch.” -Photo courtesy of Daniela Salame

In case you missed it: The Wolverines have had three races over the past month. They have been getting better and better progressively.

Wolverine of the Month: Our wolverine of the month for cross-country is Dylan Mason who had a season best time of 16:51.23 on the 5K run. Huge props to him and Coach says he’s only getting better and better.

Quotables: I got a chance to speak with star girls-runner Anna Bailey. She has been running ever since sixth grade. I asked her how did you do in the Battle of the Fairways? “It was a two-mile race and I finished 3rd out of my team, and I was happy with my time.” She had an extraordinary time of 13:35. Most people question why people run for a sport… Like, as many people say, “Why would you run for a hobby it gets you tired?” Or, “Doesn’t running get boring after a while and doesn’t it get you sore?” These are just some commonly asked questions. When I asked her what her favorite hobby was, she responded saying, “Running is my favorite thing to do, I enjoy it, it keeps me fit, and it is a stress-reliever.” But in order for her to run in the performance she does it in, I asked her how she prepares for her races. Bailey said, “I drink plenty of water the night before, as well as get a good rest. I also stretch every time before and after my race.”

By the numbers: If you want to know an interesting statistic about Woodstock’s very own Anna Bailey, her most fast 5K is a 19:58. And Dylan Mason, as we said before, had a season record and personal best time of 16:51.23 on the 5K run.

Off the Track: The whole team has a heavy-heart from Maddi’s passing away. She was truly loved by everyone and she had really good friends on the cross country and cheer team. Hopefully, she motivates our Wolverines to run harder for her.

foroutans a pussy

” The runners are practicing on a very hot day. They are grinding to get prepared for the next meet.” -Photo courtesy of Daniela Salame

Looking Ahead: The head coach, Coach Scharich, was talking about how he wants get prepared for the county meet. I asked him how the Warpath meet went and he said, “We were missing so many people due to break, but we still did good.” He also added on, “We’re just trying to work harder and harder each day to get more and more momentum for the county meet and the state meet.” Wise words being said by coach. As you can tell Woodstock’s cross-country team so far this season has failed to upset the fans and the parents. The county meet is planned to be on Oct. 14, and the state meet is to be determined. Come out and support your Wolverines and wish them the best of luck!

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