The Battle of Towne Lake Starts with Hate Week

Woodstock vs Etowah Rivalry

 Woodstock High School and Etowah High school are about 1.8 miles away from each other in Towne Lake and the biggest rivals in Cherokee County. Since the beginning of both schools, the students have put tension between the them by talking down on the school, creating reasons to fight, and saying “We rule this Towne!” Competition to win isn’t always easy. Everything is a competition between the schools and winning the football game of the year, means bragging rights and gives the students even more to talk down on until next year.

What is Hate Week? 

Hate Week is the week of the football game “The Battle of Towne Lake.” Students hate and bash on the other school, making the teams want to win even more. They tweet, Snapchat, and Instagram making jokes and trying to humiliate each other. The students set up pranks for the other football teams or school. Woodstock also use the hashtags #Etowahisthereason and Etowah uses #Woodstockisthereason and means they are the reason “bad” things happen or embarrass a student or player on the football team. The whole week the football team and even the entire school is preparing to take


Photo Courtesy of Skip Daugherty Photography. Gathered by Isabella Boatwright. Woodstock High School’s student section last year wearing all red as they cheer on and represent Woodstock.

on each other. Once the day is here,  Woodstock does a red out each year. The student wear red to school and the football game. The students wear and paint themselves red and go all out to support the Wolverines.

etowah vs woodstock

Photo courtesy of Woodstock High School website. Gathered by Isabella Boatwright. Teams joined to do the coin toss as both schools get ready for the game.

What have the past Hate Week pranks and games results?

The past years Woodstock never has won at Etowah’s field. Which puts major pressure on the football team this year! Last year, Woodstock took Etowah to the woodshed by blowing them out with a score of 35-7! Other years have resulted of both teams going back and forth with wins each year. One of the biggest pranks Woodstock has done was some students from the football team burned a “W” for Woodstock on the Etowah football field. Etowah in return duct-taped the woodshed. Woodstock definitely went above for this prank, but did cost consequences for the players on both teams involved.


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