Frozen Waves – Chapter 4

Avocet dove forward as a NightWing bandit charged him. With a flap of his wings, the SkyWing warrior spun over and slashed at the NightWing’s belly, then grabbed his tail and swung him around. The bandit’s momentum was used against him as he was slung around, being used as a mace and knocking several of his fellow bandits out of the sky with his head. Avocet then let go of the bandit, launching him into the cloud of his opponents. Several more were knocked from the sky, but for each that fell, two more took its place.

image1 (5)

Art by A Flame That Is Amber on Art Enhancers Amino

Hydro watched in awe for a moment before a stinging pain in her shoulder snapped her to attention. “Ow!” She hissed, whirling around and staring at the RainWing who had attacked her. The RainWing smirked, launching herself forward and clawing at her face. Hydro barely managed to lean back in time, the RainWing’s claws scratching her lip instead of her eyes. Her face stung slightly as blood as drawn, but it was shallow, and likely wouldn’t scar.

Baring her teeth, Hydro dove down to pick up speed, her scales blending in and making her hard to see and she flapped her wings and climbed into the sky again. Getting behind the RainWing bandit, she slashed at her back, tearing long gashes into her shoulders and the joints on her wings. The RainWing’s wings locked up at the pain, and she plummeted to the ground.

“Come on, we gotta get out of here!” Avocet said, dodging another bandit. “There’s too many of them!”

“Well, how are we supposed to-” Hydro was cut off as she was thrown to the ground. She shrieked as she plummeted down, a cloud of sand and dust arising as she hit the bottom of the gorge with a thud.

“Hydro, hide!” Avocet’s voice called out from the flock of dragons above. On instinct, Hydro’s colors melted to blend into the surroundings and dove into a nearby cave, her small frame managing to squeeze in where most other dragons couldn’t.

A group of NightWings landed in front of the small cave, looking around.

“She just vanished!”

“RainWings do that idiot!”

“Quit fighting, you two!” A third said. “Skyspeeder, search that way, Heatseeker, that way.” He said. The three split up and began searching.

Hydro curled up in the back of the cave, releasing a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. The sounds of battle raged on outside, but she dared not leave the cave. Avocet told her to hide, he must have had a reason…

A massive flash of light obscured her vision, forcing her to shield her eyes as it filled the cave. She blinked as the light faded, and she saw a flicker of flames fade away from outside. And yet still, she dared not move.

That is, she dared not move until she felt a talon touch her forehead. A dark purple NightWing was suddenly standing in front of her.

“Sleep.” He spoke.

And Hydro’s world went black.

image2 (4)

Art by A Flame That Is Amber on Art Enhancers Amino


Avocet landed shakily on the ground, his shoulders and sides covered in fresh wounds. The fire faded from the dirt and stone on the ground, leaving behind blackened earth and bodies of dragons. Avocet whipped around as he heard talons on rocks, and saw the SandWing who had attacked him originally approaching.

“You messed with the wrong dragons…” Avocet hissed at her.

The SandWing looked around at the burned bodies of dragons around her. “Hmf. You’re gonna pay for this.” She glared at him.

Avocet growled. “You didn’t have to attack us, we were only passing through.”

“Silence!” The SandWing roared. “You will DIE!” She lept forward, swinging her venomous, barbed tail at the SkyWing.

Barely managing to duck in time, Avocet dodged the SandWing’s barbed tail and launched forward, slashing at her neck with a wing. His wing slammed into her throat, sending her reeling sideways and gasping for breath. Avocet then charged forward, pinning the SandWing to the stone and hissing violently. The SandWing’s tail lashed dangerously close to Avocet’s body as she hissed and growled, snapping her teeth at Avocet’s snout.

Gripping his dagger, Avocet plunged it down onto the SandWing’s body. The SandWing barely managed to squirm out of the way, throwing Avocet off of her and leaping away. Her chest heaved with deep breaths as the two stood in a tense, silent standoff.

Until a sudden roar broke the silence.

Bursting from the cave she was hidden in, Hydro spread her wings and gave a mighty roar. With a single, powerful flap of her wings, she took off at the SandWing like a speeding bullet. Her eyes glowed a harsh white light, blinding the SandWing as Hydro approached. The hybrid quickly got closer… and closer…

And suddenly, the SandWing couldn’t see anymore. Or breath. Or do much of anything, really. That tends to happen when you get decapitated at the talons of another dragon.

Hydro landed ahead of the fallen SandWing, her head rolling away on the slight slope before slowly coming to a stop at Avocet’s talons. Avocet looked down at it for a moment before looking back up at Hydro, wide eyed. Hydro hadn’t moved from where she had landed in front of the SandWing’s body.

“Hydro…” Avocet asked, pushing the head away from him. “Are you okay?”

Hydro turned around and glared at him, her eyes still glowing a harsh white. Avocet reeled back as the light nearly blinded him for a moment. Hydro launched forward at him in the same way she’d done to the SandWing. Avocet barely had time to reach, dodging left as her talons swung out to slash open his throat. He managed to avoid it, but Hydro was surprisingly fast, and made a tight turn to come at him from behind. He took to the air, beating his large wings and managing to stay just ahead of her. “Hydro, what are you doing?!” He roared. “Its me, Avocet!”

His cries fell on deaf ears as Hydro continued to charge after him. Avocet was hesitant to attack her- Something was definitely wrong. Dragon’s eyes weren’t supposed to glow, and dragons certainly didn’t attack their companions for no reason. Making a quick turn, Avocet dove right at Hydro. His momentum and superior size forces her down, and she hit the ground painfully as the SkyWing pinned her. “Hydro, stop this!” He roared at her.

Hydro simply glared back, her limbs lashing violently as she struggled to get free. A single word escaped from her mouth. “Nightwalker…” She growled.

“Nightwalker? What’s a Nightwalker?” Avocet asked. But Hydro gave no answer, simply returning to struggling against Avocet’s grip. Avocet growled and leapt back, and Hydro quickly scrambled to her paws. However, she had no time to react as Avocet launched at her, using his own momentum to throw her backwards. She went sliding backwards, hitting her head on a large rock so hard that it cracked down the middle. She didn’t get back up.

Avocet stood on guard for a moment longer before slowly approaching her. Blood dripped from her head where she hit the rock, as well as various spots on her back from sliding across the canyon floor. Avocet gently picked her up and carried her off, getting as far as he could from the site where dozens of dragons had died.

One lone, dark purple dragon looked up as they left, focusing intently on Hydro’s limp form in Avocets arms. “She can’t be…”

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