Big Season For Baseball

Staff Writer: Carter Maczko  


As the baseball season comes to a close and we prepare ourselves for the postseason to begin, many of our hopes for our hometown teams to win the title is gone. Even if your team didn’t make the playoffs, you got to admit this was a great season for baseball. With so many new records and new players making big names for themselves during the season, It was a very interesting and fun season to watch. 

After winning 84 games last year and missing the playoffs, the Houston Astros have proved they are the real deal this year. On route of winning over one hundred games for only the second time in franchise history, The Astro’s added some studs in blockbuster trade just minutes before the deadline. They’re greatest move was the addition of CY Young winning pitcher Justin Verlander. 

Image result for houston astros celebrate

Astros celebrating after beating the Diamonbacks, winning there division since the fist time since 2001. Photos courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Carter Maczko


Adding him to the pitching rotation was a great move as he was once considered a top pitcher in the league. Another “big” weapon for the team is a player considered to win this year’s MVP, Jose Altuve. standing at only 5 feet 6 inches, Altuve is a very versatile player with an amazing batting average of .350 and adding 24 homeruns and stealing 32 bases this year. He has some of the best numbers in the league in almost every category. Talking to Woodstock junior Josiah Seigal, he said “The Astros have a big chance of going all the way to the world series with one of the best pitching rotations in the league.” 

One of the biggest stories in baseball is how well Aaron judge started out this year. Finishing off the year with a league rookie record of 51 homeruns, judge surprised the world as he went from a bum to a household name. At 6 feet 7 inches it’s no wonder he has no problem hitting homeruns, but most baseball fans know judges biggest issue. He averaged a strike out a game and led the league in strikeout, it seemed as if he wasn’t hitting one into the stands he was striking out.  

A huge record that was crushed this year was the number of homeruns hit this year in total by everyone. The record was broken with 12 days of games still left to play in the season. The record set in the year 2000 of 5,693 homeruns was shattered by this year’s new record of 6,104 homers. This year’s homerun leader was Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. He hit an incredible 59 homeruns this year beating out second place by eight homeruns. 

A record that a lot of baseball fans thought was close to unbreakable were consecutive wins in a season. The Cleveland Indians were so close to that record this year only coming up just four games short, after they won 22 straight games late in the 2017 season. Although the Indians were dealing with injuries to a couple big name players and their best pitcher, they still had an incredible run winning nine of those 27 straight by five or more runs. Even with all the injuries they still managed to come out of the streak with the second most consecutive wins ever in baseball. When asked about the incredible run , Woodstock junior Brennan Milone said “it was one for the books, I’m glad I was able to watch the whole winning streak happen and its cool I got to watch history happen.” 

Image result for cleveland indians celebrate

Cleveland Indians after beating the Detroit Tigers, therefore clinching their division and making it to the playoffs for the second straight year.  Photos courtesy of Creative Commons. Gathered by Carter Maczko


With such an amazing season, baseball fans can’t wait for the post season to start and see what incredible things might happen this year, maybe more record shattering team play or individual play, or maybe the Indians will end the longest championship drought in baseball. We will all just have to watch and see. 

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