Bringing out the Spirit Wear

Section writer: Hannah Suh

In honor of homecoming on Oct. 14, Woodstock High School has spent this whole school week sharing our school spirit. The week consisted of jersey day on Monday, twin day on Tuesday, spirit day on Wednesday, character day on Thursday, and 50’s day on Friday. People all around the school, teachers included, dressed up this week. It was exciting to get to see all of the different outfits and costumes people could come up with. Even Ella Chu, a sophomore, stated how, “Homecoming week was so amazing. It was fun being able to dress up with everyone and get hyped for the excitement of homecoming.”

Monday: Jersey day

Image-5 (1)

Yay! Homecoming week starts off with jersey day, and as you can see, juniors Carleigh Ellison and Garrison Earnest jump for joy in excitement for the rest of the week!

Photo courtesy of: Daniela Salame

Jersey day was filled with many rivalries. People showed off their favorite team’s colors, while of course being criticized by other team supporters. People were walking around with baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, and even lacrosse jerseys all around the school. It was great to be able to see how many students were interested in some type of sport, or how many of them just borrowed jerseys from a friend or family member.

Tuesday: Twin day


You can barely tell these two “twins” apart on Tuesdays Twin Day theme!

Photo Courtesy of: Daniela Salame

Twin day had people seeing double. For many of the students, this was a day where they got to dress casually, like it was any other day, except someone else had the same exact outfit as them. Others went all out and twinned in costumes such as onesies or characters. I even got to see two people dressed up in bear onesies walking around the hall together.

Wednesday: Spirit day


Mikaylee Stopp and Makenzie Smith, two juniors, show off their wolverine pride on Wednesdays “school spirt” theme!

Photo Courtesy of: Daniela Salame

Spirit day was willed with red, white, and blue. Shirts with “Woodstock” were seen all around the school, whether it was for Woodstock football, basketball, baseball, cross country, track, and any other of the amazing and many sports and clubs Woodstock offers. Some went out of their way to go all out and wear face paint or wear all of one color. I mean who wouldn’t want to show their spirit for the best school in the county. Especially after our win against Etowah football, our rival, the Friday before.

Thursday: Character day

Image-2 (1)

This group of junior girls grouped together for charachter day to imitate the kids from the famous movie: The Sandlot.

Photo Courtesy of: Daniela Salame

When I first heard about character day, I thought many people would be wearing the same costumes, but surprisingly there were many different costume ideas. There were people dressed up as cartoon characters, real life public figures, and even actors or actresses from movies or television shows. My personal favorite costume was the character from iCarly, T-Bo, who sold bagels on a stick. It was super original and everyone knew exactly who the student was portraying.

Friday: 50’s day


Ashley Watkins and Carleigh Ellison, two juniors who are bringing it back in time all the way to the 50’s—Fridays theme had them sock-hoppin’ around in their pink lady outfits!

Photo Courtesy of: Daniela Salame

Although twin day had people seeing double, 50’s day had people going back in time to poodle skirts and Grease. Red bandanas, denim, leather, and pink jackets were common ideas thanks to the internet and the knowledge it provides us about how people dressed in the 50’s. The whole reason for 50’s day on Friday was to get people into the theme for the homecoming dance that was coming up on Saturday. Homecoming this year was set up to bring people back to the good old days when the United States was recovering from the wars of the previous years such as the Cold War. After recovering from these wars, people gathered together to dance and listen to great jams that actually had words in the songs. It was a decade full of fun and greased back hair.

Homecoming set up:

Mackenzie Rich, a sophomore, told me how, “Homecoming was set up by the wonderful members of SGA and volunteers. The set up was made to look like a 50’s dine in, with cut out paper milkshakes and records on the walls. Although there were some difficult tasks, we had a company there in order to help with the more difficult and complex set up and decorations.” Thanks to the SGA, the homecoming dance was a success and many people had a great time jamming out to old and new records.

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